a Sonoran Truth Editorial by Gracie O'Malley, May 26, 2015.

       "A political group or council that
        runs a town. A Junta can overtly
        or covertly control decisions at
        the highest level."

omalley2It is obvious from the last few council 
meetings that the Cave Creek Council is 
performing like a Junta. At what point in 
time did this council become a Junta 
mandating how someone should vote?

Let's examine some of the history of Cave 
Creek's corruption, misgovernments, abuse 
of power, and ask a number of begging 
questions of the Junta leader, Mayor Vince 

Mayor Francia,

* When you returned from a Peace Corp stint in Peru you became 
Director of the Tucson Race Track. What experience did you have in 
this industry prior to joining the Peace Corp? What qualified you to 
move from short order cook at the Silver Slipper Saloon in Frontier 
Town to Director of the race track in Tucson? Who pulls your strings? 

* Jay George sold the Cave Creek Water Company to Great American 
Water Company for $2.5 Million. However, shortly thereafter the town 
purchased the water company for $20 Million. Why did you approve this
transaction when the town performed absolutely no due diligence and 
the cost was 1,000% more? 

* Why did the town build an earthquake proof concrete water tank 
instead of the steel water tank as originally designed at a cost in 
excess of 500%? 

* Why did the town build a water tank on someone else's property 
requiring the town to pay $1.3 Million because of this encroachment? 

* Why do you state that ADEQ mandated that Cave Creek build a new 
Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) when this is not true? 
Where is the proof of this requirement? 

* Why did you approve borrowing $29.3 Million to build a WWTP to 
serve less than 500 customers without inquiring and without knowing 
whether the town had a reasonably assured revenue stream to service 
the debt on that loan? 

* You stated to the citizens that "Bad things happen if you don't come 
to council meetings". Does this mean you are not to be trusted?  

* Why would you consider restoring the Sonoran News as the town's 
newspaper for it's legal advertising? The Sonoran News charges $17 
per column inch, while the AZ Republic only charges $4.90 per column 
inch. Is this one of the bad things that can happen if you don't come to 
council meetings? Considering these economics to chose the Sonoran 
News is blatant evidence of corruption, favoritism, and a breach of the 
public trust. 

* Why is it that you and Sorchych are terrified of powerful women like 
Shea, Kim, Eileen, Grace and Anna? Maybe it is the strength of their 
conviction, honesty, or ability to survive his plummeting with their 
integrity intact. Do you think Sorchych will live to see the day he 
regrets his lies about these women? Will you? Or are you and Don just 
going to curl up and blow away? 

* Your council denies us, our civil rights, abuses our trust, abuses 
their sacred oath, and abuses us verbally. Why do you no longer serve 
the citizens or abide by their will? This tells the citizens one thing for 
certain, you do not care about them or the lives they have worked so 
hard to build. Have you lost your moral compass? You have committed 
to stepping down as mayor at the end of this term. Your legacy 
tarnished. The residents are looking forward to a new 
omalley46mayor that will provide honest and 
transparent leadership. 

One day soon I hope to serve the town as 
mayor with a loyal council, and trusted 
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