Cave Creek History

Cave Creek inc There is nothing in the incorporation documents indicating John Hoeppner as a “founder” of Cave Creek as John has recently claimed… Given that the Sonoran News is lobbying to have Usama reclaim the “Throne” as Town Manager, we decided to publish Cave Creek History by Buffenstein.

“Vincient Francia aka Vincenze di Francia, had moved to Cave Creek in the seventies as a young man from Pennsylvania and got a job as a short order cook at the Silver Spur Salon.   The Silver Spur was the anchor tenant of a development known as Frontier Town.   The Silver Spur Salon underwent an ownership change when a certain Dino took over the premises and the wife of the previous owner. Vince Francia kept his job under this change of management. Dino increased the exposure of the restaurant in that he had a coming out party where the guest of honor was one Mr. Joe Bonnano, a retired Mafioso from Tucson. One of Dino’s fallings was his antipathy to paying rent and in due course Mrs. King began proceeding to evict him. Prior to the conclusion of these proceedings the FBI appeared in the town and took Mrs. King into protective custody on the grounds that they had caught Dino in a wiretap operation negotiating with a mafia hit man for the life of Beverly King. At the time of taking her into custody the hit man was on flight from Buffalo to Phoenix to perform his contract. Mrs. Kings young son Marc, currently head of the Cave Creek Merchants Association, joined his mother in protective custody. Dino and the hit man were arrested and sent to prison. Upon inspection it was found that the building had been wired with dynamite for what purpose will leave the reader to guess. Short order cook Francia, for motives best known to himself decided it was time to join the Peace Corps and emigrated to Peru [The Editors of the Truth believe Francia was in Paraguay, not Peru. After a period of a few years peace in Peru he returned to the United States where he accepted a position as director of the Tucson Race Course prior to his return as Parcs Commissioner of Cave Creek.”

It seems odd that a short order cook would return from a stint in the Peace Corps to run a race track in Tucson, home of Joe Bonanno. Francia is now General Manager for Turf Paradise. Turf Paradise is owned by a sleazy Jerry Simms who apparently saddled up with Arpaio. Turf Paradise had its license yanked in 2000 and then reinstated in 2003.

In 2008, the Peaglers (owner’s of Frontier Town) confiscated the Chilleen’s Satisfied Frog. The Peaglers renamed the Satisfied Frog the Silver Spur Salon and in 2009, the Sonoran News wrote a “puff piece” for the Peaglers on their SS Salon. Peagler was the first person quoted by the Sonoran News when Usama was getting ousted. Marc claimed that the Town built the smallest sewer plant it could to thwart development. Seems Buffenstein got it right. Arek Fressadi was gracious enough to share his disclosure documents from his lawsuits. Seems Hebets got it right in his memos to the FBI.

Update June 20, 2014.

Recently we received MCSO report on the death of Andrew Libby in Mayor Vincent Francia’s front yard. Francia suicide 97

We question the relationship between Don Sorchych and Mayor Vincent Francia. Why has this news event never been published in the Town’s Official newspaper?

How could a kid kill himself with a rifle by shooting himself in the back of the head where the bullet exited at a level trajectory through the eye socket? It’s literally physically impossible.

What’s more telling is that MCSO was willing to cover up what appears to be a murder and never even interrogated the Mayor.

Doesn’t smell right. We are posting our questions on the investigation. Troubling Questions in the Death of Andrew Libby