What Slate?

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, June 3, 2014.

Sorchych and his sycophants routinely refer to Trenk, Monachino, Durkin and Spitzer as a “slate.” Typically a slate does everything in unison. But clearly, these council members did not approach the recall in unison.

The Recall is half on, half off.

There is no recall of Monachino or Trenk but because Spitzer and Durkin took different reactions to the recall, Durkin and Spitzer will face a recall in November.

If Sorchych is wrong about a Slate, what else is he wrong about? Truly, what have Durkin and Spitzer done that warrants recall? Nothing. Sorchych is abusing the recall process because he didn’t like the results- that the good citizens of Cave Creek said enough, and voted out his puppets and in the process, the Town got a new town manager. The Truth thinks the Council did not go far enough,  that the cancer of corruption is far deeper than just the Town Manager, and all Don needs is one vote to get back Usama and for Cave Creek to return to the Dark Ages.

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