Sore Loser RECALL

Revised 4.7.15. No one thought the voters would believe Don’s BS but they did. Sorchych got his wish and now the entire Council is a Sorchych slate, all of them genuflecting to kiss Don’s ring. If anything, this election proves beyond a doubt, that a paper or a printed flyer in front of a voter on a weekly basis makes or breaks the election. Unfortunately, campaign and political mistakes were made by the noble experiment of electing Adam Trenk, Mike Durkin, Charlie Spitzer, and Reg Monachino to office. Thanks for your service.

But switching back to a full Sorchych slate may not be a bad thing given the poor condition of Cave Creek. Let them who caused the problems, take the blame. Even Don complains about the roads. The sewer is screwed and we haven’t enough water to achieve build out, but Ian Cordwell is suggesting down zoning desert rural to one acre zoning to increase revenues.  There really are no words for the idiocy of leadership and management in Cave Creek. The Sorchych Slate wants Usama back as Town Manager even though La Mar admits that the Town almost went bankrupt under Usama’s management. It’s not pretty.