Usama’s Ouster

As the first order of business, the Town Council held a public meeting to fire Usama in June, 2013. Citizen opinions vary considerably regarding Usama’s ouster. Usama supporters can be found here.

Town Manager Employment Agreement 2010-2012

Usama filed a meritless lawsuit which can be found here. Our opinions on Usama’s lawsuit and his “service” to the community can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Usama’s complaint should be over October 18th.  The statute upon which his lawsuit is allegedly based, and our opinion of it can be found here:

The lawsuit is cunningly defective. Usama lists the Town as a Defendant, requiring Mariscal Weeks and/or Sims Murray to represent the Defendants. But Mariscal Weeks drafted their contract with the Town which the prior counsels approved to allow Usama to obtain advise from Mariscal Weeks at the Town’s expense without the knowledge or consent of Town Council. Currently, there is a ~$90,000 bill for services rendered to Usama to which the Council was not apprised giving rise to a huge conflict of interest.

Evidence of Usama’s fiscal mismanagement (ABCD2E) was submitted as part of a complaint to the ICMA.  ICMA letter ICMA letter 12-3-10. John Vanucci also raised questions about fiscal responsibility in the Foothills Chronicle, chiding the Interim Town Manager to pursue a forensic, independent audit of the Town’s finances.

It is almost half-time for Cave Creek’s Rodney Glassman, and citizens are wondering what’s up with Rodney. We believe that a 3 month (90 days) review is an appropriate and reasonable request. We are aware that you have been working hard with staff issues, hobnobbing with local business owners and Chamber of Commerce folks. It is admirable that you have instituted ‘tea and crumpets’ with the mayor and vice mayor for one hour on one day a week. You have also published a fine letter by the mayor; the town’s newsletter outlining the progress being made in bringing the all sides together so that we can ‘all come together’ for the good of the town. Unfortunately these ‘accomplishments’ are not primary to your employment contract. You may recall, you were charged with three very specific assignments.

  1. To carry out the duties of the Town Manager as described in Cave Creek Town Code Section 31.25(H).
  2. Oversee the selection of an INDEPENDENT third party for the purpose of conducting an audit of the funds of the Town Of Cave Creek, with results to be presented to Council no later than December 1, 2013.
  3. Oversee a process of selecting a new permanent Town Manager for the Town of Cave Creek prior to the expiration of the Acting Town Manager’s interim contract…”

John Vannucci, Former Treasurer of Creekers for Fiscal Responsibility.

Had Francia’s fraudulent scheme to rig Usama’s renewal by delaying the White Paper  been exposed in 2009, a forensic audit would not be required 2013. Given that Usama’s lawsuit is without merit, the only way the “SS” (the Sorchych Sycophants) can get their stooge of a Town Manager back in office is to have a recall, but the SS recall movement will suffer serious blowback.