Lopez v. Sorchych

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Perhaps Phil Haldiman reads the Sonoran Truth? Here is his article on the lawsuit filed by Gilbert Lopez against Don Sorchych, Linda Bentley, Shari Jo Sorchych and their Conestoga Wagon.

Cave Creek’s Sonoran News is facing lawsuit by couple

Cutting to the chase, Gil asked Usama if he thought it was a good idea for the Town to support the chamber, sort of a no-brainer. Usama encouraged Gil setting Gil up for the Usama shuffle- that’s where you think Usama is going to support you, but then he doesn’t. He talks it over with Sorchych, and then Usama comes back with some lame reason why he no longer thinks its a good idea. So Don got a double play. He nixed the support of the chamber and set up Gilbert to defame him in his paper– twice.

Now the real question is, where does Don come up with the money to print 36,000 copies of that lousy newspaper and deliver it free of charge every other week when he doesn’t have the cash to pay Freeman for fixing up his driveway?

Oh, yeah, the third play, was getting Gil to support Usama in the first place. Gil thought Usama was a good guy, doing a good job for the Town never realizing Usama was just a snitch for Don, feeding Don all the inside info. They were running a confidence game and the citizens of Cave Creek are now paying the price with the highest debt of any municipality per capita in the state, the highest taxes, and the lowest credibility among its citizens and the business community of greater Phoenix.


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