Sorchych, The Neighbor From Hell, Loses Again! A Sonoran Truth Guest Editorial

Dear Sonoran Truth,

As Paul Harvey used to say, here is “the rest of the story” and now is the time for telling it.

On Dec.20,2012 a judgment was entered against Sorchych for $23,758.01 as a result of his stubborn refusal to pay his share of repairing the driveway he and his wife use every day of the week.  Plus, he is assessed interest from Oct. 31, 2012.

He whined in his newspaper that this affects millions of people like him who want a private driveway but want someone else to pay for it.  It’s another wild exaggeration of fact that he is good at fabricating out of thin air. As of November 1, 2012 there were 3.1 million registered voters in Arizona.  And he expects us to believe a third of the state would whine and complain about common drives like he does?  I don’t ‘think so.

Sorchych harassed me and my visitors using the shared driveway for more than 10 years, starting way back in October 2002. He has harassed me in every way, shape and form possible. He called his sycophants (as the Sonoran Truth calls them) at Town Hall regularly to whine and complain “I’m afraid he’s doing more than his permit allows.”  Time after time he had the Sheriff’s Deputies or the Town Marshal came out to “check” my papers, and time after time he would call and complain again.  It was and is pure and simply a bully  harassing his neighbor; using the Town to do his dirty work.  And they gleefully complied.

Adam Stein dutifully complied with his complaints. But when Sorchych worked on his own private portion (off the shared easement) he had no permit.  When I filed the same complaint that Sorchych repeatedly made, the Town of Cave Creek sent me a letter saying that permits were no longer required for Don and my complaint was unfounded. Imagine that!  Sorchych’s acts were unfounded and yet he was able to use the Town Marshal to harass me on his behalf for years!  

For years, he and his live-in girlfriend Cathy Bischoff would stand on the driveway yelling and waving their arms as vehicles that drove by.  They even stopped some of them and angrily demanded they should back down the driveway in deference to their arrogant demands. 

He carried this on until he stupidly confronted an operating excavator from the blind side. Swearing and using the”F” word like the jerk he is, he demanded they stop work. It’s lucky the operator saw him in time; otherwise Sorchych would be just a bad memory today.  Ultimately he was convicted of Tortious Interference in a civil trial. 

When the judgment was levied upon his conviction, his lawyer looked us straight in the eye and said “Don doesn’t have any money. He spent it all on his newspaper.”   Did he expect that was credible?    Then Sorchych arrogantly wrote in his newspaper that he didn’t know anything about the court hearing that he sat through or that he was levied against for judgment.

He paid for the tortious interference conviction after I put liens on his property to satisfy the conviction judgment in Dec. of 2007.

Bully that he is, he continued the harassment for several more years.  He’d drive at high speed up my private drive and slam on the brakes of his little toy Jeep and slide thru the gate, raising huge clouds of dust.   After several of these Rumpelstilsken hissy fits, I closed the gate and never left it open for any extended period. 

But it still wasn’t good enough for him; he continued harassing me for years.  He steadfastly and repeatedly refused to pay for joint maintenance even though he had called me before he bought the property in 1999 and agreed to help maintain the drive if he purchased the property.  In his typical cheating, sociopathic (in my opinion) fashion, he reneged and then said he never agreed to anything.

I paid for all driveway maintenance for both of us for 10 years while he rode free but continued to harass and complain about me.  When he lost the suit for equitable contribution, he foolishly appealed it to the Arizona Supreme Court who refused to even hear his appeal. It was remanded back to Superior Court and now we have the final result.  He has to pay his half of the maintenance; $23,758.01.

No doubt you will hear him squeal like the self-serving little piggy he is.  Nutcases argue unreasonably and that’s typical of Sorchych.  At trial, he steadfastly maintained that roads need no maintenance at all. He maintained that roads do best by wearing down to bedrock!  Even the judge noted this ridiculous assertion in his ruling judgment.   Who in their right mind thinks roads never need maintenance?  The key word here is “right mind”.

The bully neighbor got his friends at Town Hall to help him at every turn but, in the end, he has to pay his share.  It’s now Arizona law.  Watch for more crying and whining from Don.  He earned the title of Neighbor from Hell and was rewarded for his efforts with an Arizona Law that requires equitable contribution based on proportionate use.  In his case…it’s 50 percent.

This is same Don Sorchych who “gifted” a portion of this extended easement to the Town of Cave Creek in an incredible act of fraud in Superior Court.  He was convicted of fraud before the court and had to pay court ordered sanction for that too. But you don’t see him coming clean to tell you about he and his attorney’s bad faith conduct do you?  It’s a matter of court record.  He “gifted” the strip of land a week before a court hearing, concealed it from the court and they both maintained no one needed to know. It was a clever plan but it failed when I found about the fraud and brought it to the court’s attention.  That’s when the judge found them guilty and sanctions were levied. 

It sure looks to me like Sorchych had the Town Manager of Cave Creek take over the suit for him to pay the legal freight but they were caught red handed.  If this isn’t corruption, I don’t know what is.

The Attorney General and criminal prosecuting officials need to look into this. Sorchych claims he told the Town, and the Town Attorney says they “might have mentioned it in casual conversation but that’s not notice”. Officially the Town says they didn’t know.  One of them is lying. They were either told or they weren’t.   Sorchych filed an affidavit swearing that he informed them of the fraudulent “gift”.  Which one of them lied?  Someone did and that’s for sure.  

Here’s the law:  13-2311. Fraudulent schemes and practices; wilful concealment; classification

A. Notwithstanding any provision of the law to the contrary, in any matter related to the business conducted by any department or agency of this state or any political subdivision thereof, any person who, pursuant to a scheme or artifice to defraud or deceive, knowingly falsifies, conceals or covers up a material fact by any trick, scheme or device or makes or uses any false writing or document knowing such writing or document contains any false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or entry is guilty of a class 5 felony.

With judgment like that who would ever be influenced by Sorchych’s wild exaggerations in his “editorial” opinions.  No one who knows the real Don Sorchych would.

Finally, a note for Cave Creek and Carefree business people; when Sorchych’s sycophants (as the Sonoran Truth calls them) come to ask you for money because Don’s newspaper is in financial trouble again, you’ll know why they are asking for “donations”.    The connection is pretty easy to make.  Being the neighbor from hell is costly.  


Cave Creek