Freeman v. Sorchych I

Here is the ruling:,3&as_ylo=2000

The lawsuit is public record, CV2005-051885.

satisfaction of judgment

Mr. Freeman’s opinion about this lawsuit:

Don Sorchych Finally Pays Up!

Guest Editorial Opinion

In his “editorial” of Aug. 14, 2013 Don Sorchych is routinely incensed once again. He makes it his life mission to be enraged at or by someone every week.  This time it’s Phil Haldiman of the Arizona Republic.  And to stay in character, he labels Haldiman’s article a “downright lie”. 

He likes to call people liars.  He does it in almost every issue of his newspaper.

Predictably, he calls it a lie that Haldiman wrote he was due back in court for a debtor’s exam because of his refusal to pay $24,584.28 to FDS Collections for a judgment they purchased from me. Now remember Sorchych refused to pay this judgment, even when he had a court order, for his share of the road maintenance clear back to 2002! 

For 11 YEARS he refused to pay his share of expenses.  Laughably, he now excoriates Haldiman because he says he paid it 3 DAYS before Aug. 9th.  He’s incensed about 3 days and thinks Haldiman is a liar?  He refused to pay for 11 YEARS! 

Don is a true Deadbeat by any definition of the word.  But he loves to call others Deadbeats. 

He even drags the honorable Vice Mayor Gilbert Lopez back into his ‘news”.  Always the ego maniac, he says the “Sonoran News” hired the attorney to defend him in this lawsuit. 

My what an unadulterated ego!  Sorchych is the Owner, Publisher, Editorial writer and micro manager of every article ever written by the Sonoran News. 

He is the Sonoran News.

And Sorchych changes sides faster than an Afghan tribesman changes turbans.  When he was against Arpaio he sent his then-reporter Curtis Riggs on a mission to dog Arpaio day and night to get “dirt” on him.  Sorchych even went downtown to listen to hours of recordings of Arpaio looking for something to nail him with. 

He seems to have hated Arpaio with a passion and everyone that worked for him. I remember him calling Lt. Paul Chagolla terrible pejoratives in his columns when he was the Cave Creek MCSO Commander.  I was astonished at his treatment of Lt. Chagolla.  I still wonder how he got by with that.

But Commanders change and suddenly Sorchych went silent when Lt. Rich Burden was assigned to the Cave Creek Post.

Just as suddenly, Joe Arpaio became his bosom buddy; if you would believe Sorchych.  Like always he had an angle to benefit him. 

Here it is:  He lost his friend and contact at MCSO, Rich Burden, who chose to retire rather than be demoted.  We don’t know all the circumstances and reasons why he was demoted and then retired but, in my opinion, Lt. Burden used incredibly bad judgment in posting a YouTube video. 

Just take a look at his YouTube posting where, as an MCSO Lieutenant, he makes a video in which he says he “drinks and then drives.”  It’s all supposed to be funny.  Maybe it was to him, but probably not anymore. 

Watch it here:

Here’s why Sorchych is so enraged again.  He lost this pipeline to his MCSO friend and the Town Manager friend in rapid succession.  He feels isolated and no wonder, he lost two main pipelines that we ordinary citizens don’t have.  

Welcome to being an ordinary citizen Don.

One thing is clear.  The tide has turned for Sorchych.  Look at the number of people he’s depicted in prison garb in his  Sonoran News “cartoons”.  State Senators, Legislators and even the local School Superintendent Debbie Burdick.  

The way it’s going, he just might be in one of those prisoner garbs he loves to depict on his targets. 

Like Don used to say about the people he depicted in those cartoons, ‘Wouldn’t that be delightful!’


Cave Creek