October 17, 2013.

This page addresses the misconduct caused by Don Sorchych, Usama Abujbarah and others where citizen’s property rights and due process were violated. It appears that Usama abused his position as Town Manager to stay in the good graces of Don Sorchych and thus obtain financial gain- he continued to be employed as the Town’s Manager.

Gerald and Janice Freeman have the unfortunate and unpleasant experience of sharing a driveway with their deadbeat neighbor Don Sorchych who for 11 years freeloaded off the Freemans by failing to contribute to the repair and upkeep of a shared driveway. The Town harassed Freeman for maintaining his driveway, and Sorchych and the Town abused the Freemans’ property rights. Freemans sued twice and won. In addition, Gerald Freeman sued the Town and Dick Esser for violating state election laws and also won. Freemans’ litigation can be found here, here, and here.

Fressadi’s situation is similar to the Freemans in that Fressadi’s bundle of property rights were violated by the Town under Usama apparently as part of a fraudulent scheme to harm Fressadi’s business and property. Fressadi further alleges that the Town failed to follow federal law, state statutes, and the Town’s Ordinances. It also appears that the Town’s attorneys breached ethical rules of professional conduct by concealing the Town’s misconduct in order to obtain judgment through fraud on the court. His litigation can be found here.

The Honorable former Vice Mayor and Town Council member Gilbert Lopez and his wife sued Don Sorchych for defamation. Gil’s plight is the result of the “Usama Shuffle.” Terminated Town Manager Abujbarah encouraged Gil to support the Carefree/ Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce so that Don could make a fool out of Gil in the Sonoran News culminating with Linda Bentley calling Gil “a liar.” The Lopez litigation can be found here.

Cave Creek’s legacy of incompetence and corruption is long standing. See Pingitore v. the Town of Cave Creek here:,3&as_ylo=2000

And see Langan v. Town of Cave Creek here:

Last is Usama’s meritless lawsuit which can be found here. Our opinions on Usama’s lawsuit and his “service” to the community can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.