Updated 12.19.13.

Sorchych claimed that Francia was Cave Creek’s “iconic” mayor- that was when Vince was doing Don’s bidding. Francia is a bobblehead and blows in the wind. so when Vincent started voting in opposition to the SS, Don took Francia to task in the S’Norin News. But Vince is still in the Fascist camp.  No need to recall a man of no conviction. He’ll flip flop to maintain his ego gratification.

From a standpoint of integrity a bit of history:

In January, 2009, Francia assembled a team of Cave Creek citizens to explore the financial health of Cave Creek. According to Scott Dahne, the White Paper was published in its final form on March 31, 2009 and delivered to the Mayor by Kathyrn Bosco on April 8, 2009.

However there is some divergence in the official story. According to Scott, at the time, the Mayor held up four fingers as an indication of how many votes would be necessary to veto Usama’s contract. According to Scott now, the decision to hold back the presentation and dissemination of the White Paper was made by the Mayor and/ or Town Council which would require either an executive session or a violation of the open meeting law.

Scott claims there was no conspiracy between “The Citizens of the Future” and the Mayor to delay the delivery of the White Paper  to safeguard and insure that the Town Manager’s employment contract would be renewed. But had the White Paper been presented and disseminated  prior to Usama’s review, he would have been gone four years ago.

Clearly, ALL of the Citizens of the Future KNEW that the White Paper had been delivered to the Mayor PRIOR to Usama’s review and the White Paper WAS NOT MADE PUBLIC. None of the Citizens of the Future spoke up and expressed their concerns for the financial health of the community as it was currently being managed by Abujbarah. (Of note, Ralph Mozilo, George Ross, and Bob Williams were all supporters of Usama at the time, perhaps more).

In other words, the Citizens of the Future were complicit with the Mayor to rig the vote for Usama.

If Vince truly believed in transparency and what is best for Cave Creek, he would have let the axe fall. But instead, Vince is manipulative; cunning; running an agenda. In short, his behavior was unethical. If Vince characterized himself as a greasy politician working in a questionable profession, Francia’s behavior would be congruent with who he is. But Vince fashions himself as some kind of spiritually evolved, “holier than thou” being, a Buddhist.

The Eightfold Path is core to Buddhism. “Right Livelihood” is one of the tenets of the Eightfold Path. Right livelihood requires no harm to others.Francia is General Manager of a horse race track, Turf Paradise. Gambling can be addictive and cause harm to individuals who bet beyond their means causing catastrophic damage to their lives and their loved ones. In other words, Francia is engaged in a livelihood that can cause harm to others. His career is cast in the shadows of organized crime. A kid died in his front yard which was labeled a suicide by the same Sheriff who saddled up to Francia’s boss with questionable business connections as exposed by the Phoenix New Times.

Best to read the History of Cave Creek and Hebets’ memo as well.