Why Adam Stein sucks up to Sorchych

Note: Editors at the Sonoran Truth have Hebets’ memo and respectfully will not publish its contents. It is obvious however, that the Town’s current Marshal sucks up to Sorchych to avoid a similar fate as Hal Conant.

Editors at Sonoran Truth:

I see that the attachment to this email is a revision of a long initial draft of my telling the true story behind Howell “Hal” Conant II, the first Town Marshal in Cave Creek.  I do not believe it was ever published, and cannot remember now who made so many of the strike-through revisions, but feel someone was helping me reduce its length for potential use, or it might have been Hal himself, asking that I avoid personal background that he did not wish Sorchych to have.  I send it because it does provide the full story of how Hal at first, and then his wife as well, were attacked by Sorchych.

At some point, after they were essentially falsely accused of murder time and again by Sorchych, they moved back to Rhode Island as the insistence of Hal’s wife.  I lost all touch with them after that.  (I have some vague recollection of hearing someone tell me they had returned to Arizona and lived elsewhere, but cannot say for certain.)  They probably would NOT appreciate this whole chapter of their life being re-opened.   For that reason, I have added a copyright, and do not give you permission to lift and use the text directly.

But you can see from the whole story how Sorchych deliberately and dishonestly attacked them in the press, to the point of driving them out of town, and you may be able to use some of this material to build your own story, without dragging the Conants back into it personally.

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