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I can, if you wish, provide extensive information that I provided to the Arizona legislature in 2001, when, on behalf of a single client I successfully got the legislature to pass SB1519, a bill that would let Arizona Universities study industrial hemp as a potential crop for Arizona farmers.  This crop, which the American Farm Bureau in 1992 called the most promising crop they had considered in a half century, is the healthiest seed on the planet, the strongest natural fiber (think canvas sails and rigging), and a perfect raw material for cleaner paper and plastics than are now made from trees and oil.

Instead, as a distillation of the information that I provided the legislature, (and something you are free to share on your site), I provide a more recent letter and sidebar I sent to a number of Arizona newspapers (who published neither), and have later shared with others.

As you will see, hemp is also the European name for the plant from which we also get the medicinal and recreational strains that are better known as marijuana.

It is truly unfortunate that Sorchych only inserted the word hemp in my name over and over again to imply that I used marijuana, without going into any depth around the topic.  The potential for the entire plant to sustainably solve so many problems is evident and explained in what I do attach.

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