Distortion of Two Access Routes

Editors at Sonoran Truth:Sorchych-10-25-2000ProcessService

I believe, but am not certain, that I sent both of the attached letters to the Snooze.  They are pretty much self-explanatory, and indicate how I was once again dealing with their deliberate distortions of the facts.  The first deals with how one of the landowners along the upper stretch of Fleming Springs Road was avoiding service of process in the case to perfect access there.

The second letter deals with a lesser known case, where the Snooze was saying that legal work I was doing to perfect legal access to 9 acres on the north side of Rowe Wash was somehow going to open up access to areas well beyond it, including areas south of the wash, when nothing could be further from the truth.  They were assisted in this distortion by the efforts of John Hoeppner, one of the landowners opposing my clients, and someone cut from much the same cloth as Sorchych himself.

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