Hebets speaks

Dear "Editors, The Sonoran Truth", whoever you are (your "website" is not very forthright in saying so):
Truth is an absolute defense to an action for defamation.
So I am not worried about anything that I said was the truth, or about things I said I could not confirm, but may have warranted investigation.
I did what I did at the time for very good reason.
If anything really sets us apart as Americans, it is beyond the 3 legged government described in our constitution.
It is the basic natural human rights that we enumerated in the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to that document, as extended to the states by the 14th Amendment.
The first amendment covers all forms of free speech, including freedom of the press.
As you can see from ongoing events around the world today, such as the Arab Spring, it is most critical to the continuation of a free society.
When someone who operates a newspaper or other form of the press distorts the truth in their tabloid, they abuse that precious freedom.
In doing so, they desecrate the graves of American soldiers who have shed blood on foreign shores to protect that right.
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Edited November 1, 2013. the entirety of Hebets' memos have been moved to the bottom of Cave Creek History.