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Dear Editors,

I read with interest John Vannucci’s comments that Mark Stapp is untrustworthy.

He said in his “Chronicle” that the “council is considering or about to approve loaning the money to Stapp to complete the water line he promised to pay for.”

What’s interesting is that Stapp says he can’t pay for anything yet he has plenty of money to file expensive lawsuits against an easement holder for posting a sign that says users have pay their fair share.

He doesn’t want anyone to know that a private drive is the only way to access his properties off Morning Star Road. And for good reason….users have to pay for upkeep. .it’s not public access.

In my opinion he is not only untrustworthy but highly disingenuous as well.

An observant Cave Creeker.

From: Sara Vannucci [mailto:creekerlady@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2016 4:05 PM
To: Sara Vannucci <creekerlady@gmail.com>
Subject: FW: Chronicle 8-3-2016 Issue 17

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  1.  Editorial: John Vannucci IT’S ABOUT TIME !
  2. John Vannucci, “Kudos to the Roadhouse Bar and Grill election Forum”
  3. Town Manager’s Water Rate Study Committee, for possible rate increase.  Presentation by WAC Chair Tony Geiger; Follow-up with short summary of first meeting on August 3.
  4. Notice of Public Hearing for Thursday August 18th, at 7 PM, in Town Hall, for rezoning.
  5. Election Forum at Harolds on 8-9-2016  6 PM
    1. Gold Mine Thrift Shop
    2. Wild At Heart – wildatheartowls.org
    3. Local merchant news

Emailing: A Declaratory Judgment Alternative to Current Libel Law

Hey Don,

Learning takes place in the anomalies. Since you are now ranting and raving about being defamed by others (something that you're good at), I thought you might like to read a research paper on libel law.
As I research and prepare a lawsuit to address your fraudulent scheme in concert with Usama and Francia to screw-up my development plans in Cave
Creek, perhaps you might want to avoid some liability and remove ALL your articles regarding me or members of my family in the Sonoran News.

Let's go all the way back to 2002. You accused me of wildcatting. But Cordwell turned my first lot split into an unlawful subdivision. count to
four- that's a subdivision. The town required the creation of a fourth lot to approve my split of 3 lots. 3 lots + 1 lot = 4 lots, i.e. an unlawful subdivision. Cute.
And I especially liked your piece on the criminal investigation of me for what the town did to my property back in 2004.

Then there is the BS about pulling out the sewer serving lots 211-10-003 A, B, & C. As you well know, void permits do not confer a vested right. How does the Town issue a permit to an illegal lot? The Town has no SOL defense in that they failed to comply with ARS 9-500.12 & 9-500.13.

And then pissing off a BK judge? Really. Was Bentley there?  The court actually complimented me on my writing skills. She dismissed my
reorganization because my underlying litigation was not finished. I won the appeals Don and as for the judicial foreclosure? See ARS 9-463.03.

And last but not least was Usama's little scheme to have me arrested for moving rocks on my own property claiming that they were part of a retaining wall for my neighbors. Really? Once it got out of Cave Creek, it was thrown out. Oh yeah, Clancy says hello.

I'm not saying I won't sue you under RICO. But you may avoid a false light lawsuit by removing every shred of Bentley BS on your website having to do with anyone named Fressadi. 

Arek Fressadi.

Ps- How's that recall going? Nice touch having Usama man the recall table at the post office.



 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  March 11, 2014                   MEDIA CONTACT: Rebecca Wilder (602) 542-0844

Commission Sanctions Phoenix Businessman for Securities Violations


PHOENIX, AZ—The Arizona Corporation Commission today sanctioned a Phoenix businessman and his affiliated companies for his securities violations in connection with two investment programs, one involving a failed home building venture and the other involving a marketing training website.

The Commission ordered Todd R. Nuttall of Phoenix and his affiliated companies, Todd Robert Homes, Inc., Magdalena Homes, LLC and Rotall Marketing Group, LLC to pay $225,100 in restitution and a $20,000 administrative penalty for committing securities fraud in connection with a failed home building venture and for issuing unregistered securities to finance start-up costs of a marketing training website.

Regarding the home building venture, the Commission found that, while not registered to offer or sell securities in Arizona, Nuttall and his affiliated companies, Todd Robert Homes and Magdalena Homes fraudulently sold unregistered promissory notes to eight investors through a series of workshops held in Arizona and California. The Commission found that Nuttall and his companies issued promissory notes bearing interest of 20 percent over two years. The Commission found that Nuttall and his companies represented a second general partner of Magdalena Homes as an experienced property developer of several multimillion-dollar real estate projects when, in fact, the sole general partner had never created a residential development on his own.

Regarding the marketing training website, the Commission found that, while doing business as Direct Rev Millionaire, Nuttall and Rotall Marketing Group, LLC sold unregistered promissory notes to 11 Arizona investors and other out-of-state investors. The Commission found that Nutall and his companies promised investors annual returns ranging from 20 to 900 percent.

In settling this matter, Nuttall neither admitted nor denied the Commission’s findings, but agreed to the entry of the consent order. For more details about this case, view the full text of the Commission’s order S-20901A-13-0432. The Commission’s final order against the named respondents will be posted online as soon as it is signed by all of the Commissioners. Please check the website in a few days:

More caution for investors:

Even when selling a legitimate product, some promoters do not recognize the investment program they have created is a security. Determining whether an alternative investment program is a security is not always easy to determine and depends upon the unique facts and circumstances of the transaction and not on what a promoter calls the investment product. Even when investing with someone they know, investors should verify the registration of sellers and investment opportunities and investigate disciplinary histories by contacting the Arizona Corporation Commission’s Securities Division at 602-542-4242 or toll free in Arizona at 1-866-VERIFY-9 (837-4399). The Securities Division’s investor education website also has helpful information at www.azinvestor.gov.


Rebecca J. Wilder
Communications Director
Arizona Corporation Commission
(602) 542-0844 direct
(602) 350-8200 cell

Letter to the Editor, Desert Foothills Chronicle, Sonoran Truth 3.1.14

The recent mob mentality evoked at Town Council meetings concerning the Freeman’s lawsuit with Cave Creek reminded me of the Stoning of Soraya M. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stoning_of_Soraya_M.

The gist of the plot is an evil man wishes to get rid of his wife so he can marry a 14 year old girl. In order to get rid of his wife, he conspires with the Mullah and the Mayor to create a horrific lie such that the  woman is sentenced to death by stoning and the mob mentality of the village takes over and murders an innocent soul.

In our Town, the Mullah and the Mayor are one in the same. Francia fakes being a man of the cloth much like the common criminal masquerading as the Mullah in the movie. It’s a hard film to watch, even harder to live as Freeman would attest. Similar to a small Iranian village, Cave Creek didn’t care about the logic of Freeman’s lawsuit, the mob mentality in Cave Creek only wanted to throw stones at Freeman.

What is even more shocking and few realize, is that Cave Creek is bankrolling Mark Stapp’s development costs. Cave Creek has waived all development fees for Cahava Springs and is paying for all legal expenses, engineering, surveying, and environment impact reports according to Freeman. Candidly, I’m pleased to learn that Cave Creek is willing to pay for all costs associated with developing property as it sets a precedent.

It is further my understanding that Usama is busy interviewing candidates to replace the current council members that are not in alignment with the Junta that runs Cave Creek. Although the new town manager’s qualification look good on paper, his performance depends on his willingness to take on the control freaks who run the town.

Town Council is running scared of the Sorchych Sycophants. I doubt they’ll offer to settle or schedule an executive session or an agenda item either. Politically, it behooves them to go to court. If they win, they win. If they lose, they can blame Usama and Sorchych if they are still sitting on Council. If recalled, then the new council will claim no responsibility.

Arek Fressadi.



I really enjoyed your article posted the other day (http://www.sonorantruth.org/2013/11/01/donald-doth-protest-too-much/) and posted it on my FB page to share earlier today.  To the same point, I proposed a resolution for civility which the council passed 4-2 (Durkin was absent) on Monday.  I thought you would be interested.  Minutes are not available yet, but the audio should be if you want to hear my comments about calling out hate, and having respect.


Adam Trenk

6613 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 200
Scottsdale Arizona 85250
Direct: 480.240.5647

Fax: 480.505.3925


If Psycho Sorchych is as innocent and as pure as the wind driven snow as he would have us think, why is he desperately seeking Trenk’s home address?

He even went to far as to submit a FOIA request to try and find out where he lives.  For what purpose Psycho Sorchych?

He not only doth protest too much but he now makes himself a “person of interest” in his desperate, psychotic pursuit of Trenk’s address.

Cave Creek Resident and Citizen.


And one more thing re: Psycho Sorchych:  Leaving his brain to science is not possible. He has no brain. He proves it every week in his Sonoran News psychotic ramblings. He calls it My View. It should be called Myopic View.


Dear Editor,

Your article on the Sorchych Extortion is great! Sorchych and his sycophants continue to perpetrate the lie that the Town is paying two salaries. Wrong…Usama rejected the settlement in hopes of getting more.  Greed and vengeance are at play here. You are entirely correct…it’s an ‘at will contract’.  But Usama even sued his ‘friends and supporters’ on the council:  Francia, McGuire and Bunch.

Some friend.

He’ll lose in court because his case is based on pure speculation…i.e. “they fired me so they must have conspired”.  I’d say it’s another case of a fool and his money being parted.

Cave Creek Citizen


Dear Editors…this is the kind of editorials we need to reveal the true nature of the ex-council members. It shows the Sorchych slate for what it is….shallow and vapid. I wish LaMar well in finding the right rock to live under.  I hope we never hear from this lunatic again. Keep up the good work Sonoran Truth! A true Cave Creek Resident….Name withheld by request.http://www.sonorantruth.org/2013/07/30/the-consequences-of-la-mars-psychopathic-tendencies/


I’m just going back and reading some of your older posts.  I hadn’t been on for a while.  On your March 1st post, you questioned where the 3.5 million reserve came from, and if they were cooking the books.  The “reserve” fund they are so fond of quoting is real, but it’s not what they are allowing people to assume it is.  By way of contrast, Carefree has well over 5 million in an unrestricted account, and approximately another million in restricted accounts.  At any rate, Cave Creek’s reserve account is restricted, and is for the interest on their outstanding loans.  They are required to keep that in order to maintain their loans.  That money goes out as soon as interest payments are due.  They can’t use it for any other purpose.  You need a pothole filled?  Ain’t coming out of that account.


We are putting all audio recordings on the civicplus site now under the published minutes/town council/2013 council meeting recordings portion. You can get there from the Town website or go to cavecreek.civicplus.com (same place you look for agendas). We will have last night’s recording uploaded this afternoon. Carrie

Carrie A. Dyrek, MMCk, Town Clerk, Town of Cave Creek, 37622 N. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, AZ 85331, 480.488.6613

Francia is telling folks how hard he worked on the APS issue.  In fact, he and Usama did nothing for thirteen months. All dates and meetings can be verified by the APS stakeholders meeting log or the minutes of the Cave Creek Town Council. The history of the APS project to put 65 foot power lines through the Town of Cave Creek is revealing. From the stakeholder meeting records of APS we know that Cave Creek Town Staff met with APS in AUGUST 2011 to discuss the project.  There was no information about this meeting passed to the residents.  There was no disclosure as to what agreements if any were reached at this meeting.    A meeting on December 12th 2011 was held with APS and Cave Creek Town Staff. Town Council made no information available to the citizens. On June 21st 2012, a meeting was held in Phoenix with four departments of Maricopa County attending, the State Land Department and two departments of the city of Phoenix.  Richard Stuhan, the APS Project Coordinator confirmed that the purpose of the stakeholder meeting was to discuss and gather specific feedback to determine possible routes for the 65’ poles. The Town of Cave Creek did not attend.  A town that houses the sub-station where the project starts; the town most affected by the new power lines, was not present.   On April 15th 2012 of this year APS held its’ first open house.  Attendees were “able to learn more about the project, the siting process, alternative routes and submit comments”. There was no further information provided by Town Council.  There was no apparent course of action taken by Town Council. On July 3rd 2012, APS met again with the Town of Cave Creek Staff.  At this time the five proposed routes where known.  Town Council made no information available to its citizens. On August 15, 2012, APS held a second open house to further discuss the project.  Mayor Francia, Vice Mayor Bunch and Councilman Esser attended the meeting.  Also attending were nearly 250 concerned citizens, as there were literally hundreds of citizens in the presumed path of the new lines, viz. Skyline Drive, Estada De Cholla, Las Ventanas, Whispering Hills and Cloud Road.  At that meeting one citizen asked Mayor Francia, “What do you know about this project?” The Mayor’s answer was, “You probably know more about this than I do.”  Citizens then asked how could the Town not know what was happening when Town Staff employees attended three of the previous APS meetings.  Did Town Staff inform Town Council of their meetings with APS?  If Town Council knew, no course of action was apparent.  What did the Mayor know and when did he know it? On September 17, 2012 Town Council passed a resolution suggesting an alternative route for the power lines.  APS subsequently rejected the resolution. On December 12, 2012, Mayor Francia met with officials from Phoenix and APS.  No definitive route was announced. Early in January of 2013, the Mayor met with officials of APS.  No announcement was made by Town Hall. On February 11, 2013 APS announced the final route. No announcement was made by Town Hall.  It is the view of many residents that the Town focused on this issue 13 months too late.  How could 13 months go by before the Mayor and Town Council were forced into acknowledging the issue? How could Town Officials who were elected to serve and protect do nothing for 13 months? Had the citizens been informed and their support solicited by Town Hall in August of 2011, maybe the outcome would have been different. We’ll never know.
Sam Buffo.


Here’s something that got written a long time ago, but it’s amazing how many of the statements of fact were either wrong at the time, or proved wrong over time. Chani Arts

Usama My Turn


December 22, 2012. Gerald Freeman has the misfortune of living next to Don Sorchych and has been involved in litigation with Don for  number of years over what should be basic neighborly responsibility. Sharing a road has inherent costs. Don’s view of the world is that of a “TAKER” meaning he feels he has no obligation to pay for his share of maintenance. Rather than just add Mr. Freeman’s letter to this page, we set up a sub-page for his revealing letter here. The Court’s Order and Final Judgment can be reviewed by clicking on the documents below.

Order Trial 10 31 12

Final Judgment.signed.filed

Congratulations on your successful litigation Mr. Freeman. Hopefully your dedication to justice will allow others to come forward and expose Sorchych for the son of a bitch to whom Cave Creek caters.


From a reader in Cave Creek:

First of all THANK YOU!  What a wonderful idea.  I cringe every time I read the Sonoran News.  The language used is so nasty and sly, it is obvious that the content can’t be true.  Nevertheless, where to turn for the “real story”?


From a reader in Carefree:

Keep up your good work.  Cave Creek has needed this for a long time!


From the Cave Creek Municipal Court Administrator:

Noel, I believe you sent out some emails. I just found it this morning. Thank God. Noel, I have a story about what that Town has done in the name of CORRUPTION. I am very weak and ill right now. But, please, need to reserve a time with you to go over all that has been done. I included *** and **** on purpose. What has been done to them in the lawless town of Cave Creek also needs to be looked at by bigger folks than the Courts here in Arizona. They cannot see corruption before their faces. I have first-hand knowledge of each of their charges from over the years. They did not start with long-form complaints as the law requires. Nor was there a PH, or Arizona Traffic Ticket and Complaint issued.  Come talk to me Noel. I’ll be better soon. Thank you  FINALLY! Remind me to tell you about Don trapping me in the elevator at El Pedregal after lunch on lovely spring day. He is a sick old man. He just needs to lay down and be buried.

Yvonne Passey


From Carefree:

Just read the last 2.  Good ones!  By the way, a number of people have told me that they discovered you after reading your letter in Carefree Truth-Letters from Readers.  Haha!


Editors…I was disgusted to read about the extreme salary and perks given by this small town to the CC Town Manager.  I checked with a friend who was a long time Mayor in a Town of 5,000+ back in the Midwest.  I asked him if he rec’d pay and other benefits….his answer is below.  You did your homework on the example you used. As far as I’m concerned….the pay and perks are far too generous. And I noted that their city services are far more comprehensive than Cave Creek and the pay for Supt. of City Services is less than half of the King of Cave Creek. Phil is certainly right that common sense is sorely needed here.  Cave Creek is way out of line on pay and benefits for a Town of our size.

A financially concerned voter in Cave Creek.

Yes, I was paid ($400) a monthly allowance.  Any travel expense, entertainment or meeting expense came from this allowance.  No other utility costs were forgiven (garbage,water&sewer). Frankly, it was enough for a town of 5000+ and I was not so naive to think it deserved more. Common sense seems to be sorely needed. We had a supt. of city services $60k, the use of a retired squad car and 3 weeks vacation.  We had full-time police force (6 incl. chief), volunteer fire dept.  which were paid for each call, water and sewer dept. , rec. dept. and street dept.  Hope this helps.

Best wishes