The Sorchych Slate Wins Again


A Guest Editorial by John B. Vannucci, September 2016, Desert Foothills Chronicle

Issue 20 final 9-3-16
The Dark Demon of Cave Creek has once again been able to orchestrate, manipulate and influence another Town election, through the use of his rag tabloid, the Sonoran News. He has hand-picked his chosen candidates, then promoted and endorsed them in numerous editorials, while denigrating the other candidates with his usual lies.

The outcome of this election was no surprise, it was the same old play book Sorchych has used on every election since incorporation. His day of reckoning is not too far in the future, when his corrosive destruction of the town of Cave Creek will be exposed.

The voters decided to maintain the status quo. They were afraid of any serious positive changes in the town’s governance. Changes such as reducing the size of the administration, reducing the out-size budget, cutting expenses and taxes and stop wasteful and frivolous spending. These were changes any fiscal conservative would have welcomed. Unfortunately, He considers himself the ‘Conservative’ voice of Cave Creek, but is
nothing more than a wolf-in-sheepskin RINO.

The Sorchych Slate candidates are those who favored the reduction/elimination of our Desert Rural large lot zoning, in favor of high density development; who will continue to spend (waste) tax dollars on the fantasy of unlimited ‘Open Space’ ventures. These folks will undoubtedly follow his wishes, whatever they may be

Congratulations and good luck to our new Mayor, Ernie Bunch. He will need a lot of luck in dealing with the Sorchych Slate Council people. Mr. Bunch, being the last man standing of the long standing old regime, will be the one left holding the large stinking bag of ten-plus years of accumulated debt. He will be the one responsible for managing and reducing the $46 million WIFA loans, reducing a growing $18 million annual budget, and monitoring the demand upon our diminishing water allocation as we continue to over-develop with high density projects. Water demand will be the main issue, if the town is to survive in the future. Unfortunately, the Sorchych Slate is ill prepared and unable or unwilling to grasp the serious consequences of these issues. If these major issues are not dealt with as a priority, the town will continue the slide towards insolvency, as surely as the next water rate hike is on its way.
“La Comedia e Finita”



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