Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, May 30, 2016


Like rats deserting a sinking ship, Francia, La Mar, Esser and Lipsky are not seeking re-election.  The usual platitudes will be said, thanking them for their service, but what the Truth wants to know is why are they all leaving? Wasn’t LaMar the hand picked golden boy to replace Francia? Why did Esser do his shuffle with Usama, then come back on board only to quit? What are they hiding? What lurks behind the election? Cave Creek is broke and can’t pay its bills. That’s a fact. The 4,000 acre open space is a conspiracy theory. The rest is unknown because Monachino, Durkin and Spitzer didn’t have the balls to demand a forensic audit. If they did, they’d still be in office. There never would have been a recall.

Hopefully John Vannucci will make sure we find out once he’s elected.

Putting the sinking ship and rats in perspective, here’s Don’s View on Christmas, 2013.


This time, Donny is running his “boy” Usama the felon- the Town Manager who bought his groceries on the Town’s dime, and then erased all his dirty emails before he was fired only to have the Sorchych Slate pay him $300,000 plus for being a felon, among his list of accomplishments, like running the Town into debt to the tune of $65 Million. And now he should be Mayor???



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