A Sonoran Truth Editorial| May 22, 2016

It’s doubtful that Bentley will ever get it right because she is nothing more than Don’s female dog. Cave Creek’s “Official Tabloid,” the equivalent of a supermarket enquirer, the Sonoran News is spin doctoring the truth to take on Council Candidate Eileen Wright, a known critic of Don Sorchych.


On May 18, 2016, Linda Bently writes:

CAVE CREEK – During the April 18 council meeting, Mayor Vincent Francia said he hoped Steve Betts’ presentation at the April 2 meeting would “put an end to the fear mongering.”

TRUTH: Francia is the Clown of Cave Creek’s Kabuki Theater. What fear mongering? No one in Cave Creek is opposed to 4,000 of open space. The issue is COST . What will it cost the citizens of Cave Creek? That’s not fear mongering, Vince—that’s being responsible. Your track record of being fiscally responsible has made Cave Creek the laughing stock of municipalities in Arizona. We have the highest per capita debt of any town or city in the state. That’s your legacy, Vince- OWN IT.

Betts is a Cave Creek resident who served on Gov. Doug Ducey’s transition team and was contracted by the town as a consultant to help come up with a way to conserve the approximately 4,000 acres of state land annexed into the town as open space.

TRUTH: “Contracted” means $$$. More spending of the Town’s money on your political friends, eh, Vince?!

His presentation updated citizens on a series of meetings that were held with the deputy state land commissioner and his staff at the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD). Betts said those discussions have led to exploring the possibility of forming a Mitigation Bank (MB) for the purpose of conserving those lands. Although the plan ultimately needs to be approved by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, it would conserve the 4,000 acres in perpetuity “without costing the town an arm and a leg.”

TRUTH: What will it cost? Our head? Our genitals? A finger or two to show our allegiance to the “Don?”

omalley2Despite his presentation, Eileen Wright, who has been mailing her Cave Creek Pony Express flyer to Cave Creek residents, continues to misrepresent to citizens that the town is pursuing the purchase of those 4,000 acres at a price she asserts would be between $65 million and $180 million.

TRUTH: Who is misrepresenting here? Prove it. Show us that it won’t cost between $65 million to $180 million without being “funny with the money”.

Betts is not being paid $60,000 as a consultant to find a way for the town to buy the 4,000 acres, as Wright asserts in her flyer, but rather to help the town find a way to preserve those 4,000 acres, without purchasing the land.

 TRUTH: Really, where is his contract? Transparency???

There is also no truth to Wright’s perpetual fear mongering that a property tax is looming.

 TRUTH: It was Don who actually started the perpetual fear mongering about a property tax, and then he switched sides after his boyz Francia and Abujbarah ran the Town into MILLIONS of debt with no revenue that we acquiesced to a WalMart. So much for being a Western rural town from the 1800’s – WE GOTTA WALMART!

Wright, who didn’t make the cut when she ran for council in 2013 on a platform of having the “ability to be intelligent,” as part of Adam Trenk’s subsequently recalled slate, has now suspended publication of her flyer to focus on her campaign for the upcoming council election.

TRUTH: It’s time for intelligence to win over corruption. Eileen is a candidate for council who will clean up Cave Creek’s corruption and expose Linda Bentley as the liar.  

During the Sonoran News’ Jan. 30, 2013 candidate forum, Wright accused the sitting council of financial misconduct and demanded a forensic audit to “uncover wasteful spending.”

TRUTH: There IS a preponderance of evidence of financial misconduct in Cave Creek ever since Sorchych started manipulating Cave Creek with the Sonoran News, as exposed by Terry Zerkle, council candidate John Vannucci, and others. This isn’t new. For more info, go to the Document Library on Desert Foothills Chronicle for financial documents.  The Chandlers did it for decades in Los Angeles. Think Chinatown. It was inept of the “Trenk Slate” NOT to order a forensic audit. IF there is no misconduct, then WHY is the current council, Francia, and S’Nooze so opposed to an Audit? Show us that you’re clean, Mr. Buddha Mayor. Let’s see what’s REALLY gone on since you became Mayor.

Her unsubstantiated accusations spurred the normally even-keeled Buddhist Francia to go on a bit of a tirade. He told Wright and her co-slate candidates, “Nothing I have heard from the challengers tonight would make me vote for you,” and called their speech “hateful.”

TRUTH: This is what really happened when the Buddhist Bookie Blew his Top. http://www.sonorantruth.org/2013/02/08/the-buddhist-bookie-blows-his-top-a-sonoran-truth-editorial-opinion/ Francia is a poser. He is an angry small man, a conniver. http://www.sonorantruth.org/the-history-of-cave-creek/

After losing her bid for council, Wright was somehow able to get appointed to the planning commission.

TRUTH: Eileen was appointed for her qualifications, dedication, and impartiality. She abides by the laws of the land, unlike what the Town’s Junta can say about themselves.

While serving on the planning commission, Wright displayed a complete disregard for the town’s zoning ordinances when it came to developers not only meeting but exceeding its requirements.

TRUTH: That’s HILARIOUS Linda. The Truth remembers when you and Anna Marsolo were anti-development activists along with Shea Stanfield, Grace Meeth, and Sara Vannucci. Everyone except you has had a change of heart about Don. Eileen is looking to uphold the Zoning Ordinance. Ian Cordwell is a criminal with cop’s badge. He knows his Planning Director / Zoning Administrator employment is a conflict of interest, but no one else does. Cordwell commits UNLAWFUL ACTS that do not adhere to the Zoning Ordinance all the time, but hey– it’s his job to enforce it!!!  This is just the way Don and Ernie Bunch and Dick Esser, and Steve La Mar and Tom McGuire want it. There are no “checks and balances”. That’s why they had to get rid of Eileen on the Planning Commission. Eileen is making sure that there is fairness and enforced protections for the citizens of Cave Creek. 

For example: Wright voted against recommending approval of the Tractor Supply site plan because the applicant wouldn’t acquiesce to her demands for even more concessions when they had already exceeded the town’s requirements.

TRUTH: Prove it Linda.

Council subsequently removed Wright from the commission before the end of her term.

TRUTH: As stated above, Eileen was removed for political reasons. She wanted to run for Mayor. As vice-chairman of the Planning Commission, she had momentum to be Mayor of Cave Creek. Don didn’t want that. Donny’s Boyz on Council did the Don’s bidding. Do Don’s bidding or don’t get re-elected. It’s the TRUTH.

Wright was also one of the conspiracy theorists involved in fighting the Enchanted Canyon project.

TRUTH: “Conspiracy theorists”, the “Dark Side”…all a pack of Don Sorchych and Linda Bentley lies. The hypocrisy — how can Wright “disregard” the Zoning Ordinance on the Planning Commission when she fought to have it enforced regarding Enchanted Canyon. What are you smoking Linda? 

Despite the project never standing a chance of getting approved, Wright continued to rally against the project even after the application was withdrawn.

TRUTH: Really? The Sonoran News / Cordwell / Francia / Abujbarah were for it??? That’s sarcasm Linda. In case you were too stoned to understand it.

Francia knows all too well about how attempting to dispel false rumors in Cave Creek often does little to quell their spread.

TRUTH: True, thanks to the Sonoran News, the ultimate propaganda machine.

Despite the mayor repeatedly assuring citizens the rumors about Morning Star Road being paved in order to bring traffic through from the Cahava Springs development, or that Rural/Metro plans to build a fire station at the site of a private residence on Spur Cross Road, and other such tales, were all false, the rumors persist.

TRUTH: More hallucinations of Linda Bentley and the Dark Side propaganda sewer a/k/a the Sonoran News. See the Truth here: Paving Morning Star – Cave Creek Letter and here: Request for ROW Gift 12 21 2011 

CONTRARY TO DON’S DESIRE, CAVE CREEK IS NOT A SOVEREIGN ENTITY OF SORCHYCH. Cave Creek has to comply with state statutes when it requires an exaction, dedication, or an easement. Cave Creek conceals its violation of due process as the backbone of its corruption. That’s the legacy of Francia– he’s a fraud, a con man doing Don’s bidding in violation of state law, and the Constitution. This is serious stuff. Eileen’s on to them.  So is Freeman:

Reply Brief – final 

While Wright advocates proactive enforcement of the town code, a majority of citizens have vehemently expressed objections to that approach in the past, preferring instead to continue the current complaint-driven system.

TRUTH: Hey Junta, your “current complaint-driven system” amounts to selective enforcement to do Don’s bidding, and it’s been going on since the incorporation of Cave Creek. Just because this is the system you use, doesn’t make it right… This is how the system works: if Don likes the project – YES. If Don doesn’t like the project or the PERSON – NO. The system is flawed because Cordwell is the cop and the criminal. Having Cordwell be the Zoning Administrator and Planning Director is a conflict of interest. 

Wright believes she knows what’s best for the town but has been unable to convince voters to agree with her expressed “vision for the survival of our town.”

TRUTH: When the voters know the TRUTH, then the town will support Eileen to end the corruption.

By the way, since Wright basically accused the town of malfeasance in 2013, demanding a forensic audit to “uncover wasteful spending,” the town has breezed through each of its annual audits without any findings of wrongdoing.

SAY WHAT??? Linda, a/k/a The Acid Queen of Hollywood– all that LSD affected your brain. You have no idea of logic. What the town has done from 2013 to the present has nothing to do with a forensic audit of what the town did from the beginning of Francia’s Mayorship to the Don Sorchych recall. Of all people, you should know this. Didn’t you keep the books for your husband’s building business? Wasn’t your dad a Hollywood Bookeeper/ Accountant, one of those guys who hid profit so the house made more money at the actor’s expense? Maybe it’s not a logic acuity issue. Instead, you just learned to lie at an early age. Here again she hallucinates… May the TRUTH prevail.

May 25, 2016: A Clarification:

a clarification

From Anna MarsoloAdd contact
To editors@sonorantruth.orgAdd contact
Date Wed 12:17 PM
Dear Editor,   I arrived here in 1997.   Having had spent a quarter century in Phoenix as an activist protecting neighborhoods from commercial encroachment, saving the North and South mountain preserves, saving trails, saving historic houses, saving Pinnacle Peak Park, and receiving numerous awards for all my efforts, it was natural for me to continue my obsessions here in Cave Creek.  I was never any one’s female dog!
Yes, I, on most occasions, sided with Sorechych[sic] from 1997 to 2006.  All for good reasons, as I supported a vision that was laid out in his Sonoran News MY VIEW editorial on Feb 1, 1995 and again repeated on Feb 2, 2000.  As you may know, he started his newspaper in 1995, the Sonoran News, because Red Dog Ranch developer was to build next to his property and what he learned after only 14 months of getting no results or help from his council,   was that the “agencies and bureaucrats that exist to protect the public health, welfare and safety were generally in bed with developers and being unable to get coverage from local and state media on his issues.”  

In 2006 my opposition for the Annexation Agreements with the State Land Department, my opposition to Wal-Mart, my supporting of Meeth and Trenk for election to council, and other issues drew that wedge between our visions; sorechych [sic] had changed.  When once he opposed Home Depot not wanting Carefree Highway to become a Bell Road type creature, he says up zone those corners, the neighborhoods be damned.  He supporting his dark siders who wanted open space lands contiguous to their properties at any cost.  Dark siders  as sorechych describes is a phrase coined by Mayor Francia, and are “anarchists, who stand for chaos, rampant high-density development, illegal lot splits and NO zoning.”

Doesn’t that sound like sorechych’s [sic] slate of officials?   Certainly not mine.   I have not changed my vision.  His editorials called “WHOA THERE” laid out his visions that was good cause for me to follow for a decade.  Although  for years now he has given up that beacon, my beacon remains true!   I quote:
 “the attraction was to me the grandeur of the foothills, the ambience of both business and residential areas and the incredible diversity(not in a Bill Clinton sense!) of the people here.  My reverie was soon jangled however by the immediate threat of high density developments( Red Dog Ranch coming in next to his property) running bulldozers over the desert, where abundant wildlife and flora prospered in relatively open spaces.  Don’t misunderstand me, we are for property owner’s rights-emphatically so!  But somehow developers and their high priced attorneys seldom volunteer to downzone and the impact on small communities like ours can be devastating.  I believe precedent is important and so is our lifestyle.  I advocate balance, responsibility and absolute openness of city, county, state and federal governments.   I am for the citizens.  I am an unabashed capitalists and we expect government to be our servants-not the other way around.  I expect our elected officials to protect our environment, our investments in home and property and at all times to respect we voters and taxpayers.  So I intend to be the voice for the citizens that get lost under the mayor’s gavel and I will stand for those who are abused by the system.  I am here to praise those specific officials within it when I think they are right and yo can count on me to be there to help you straighten them out when they err.  I will help you to remember that everything that happens, both good and bad, starts with the ballot box and requires vigilance and more than occasional attendance at public meetings.   You can count on me joining yo there and reporting fairly and competently.  My centerpiece, then, is to help keep the monkey of officialdom off all our backs while reporting our local news in a s timely and accurate a manner as is humanly possible.   I encourage your letters and will print as many as I can.  Most of us moved here in the spirit of desert preservation, small lean governments (or essentially no government as in the County)  I never cease to view Harris Hawks, coyotes, quail, javilina, or even rattlesnakes with wonderment.  It is a heritage well worth protecting.  We don’t want to straighten or pave our roads.  We don’t want tract houses  in our midst and we don’t want government interference in our affairs.  When you think I am wrong, tell me.  We are first amendment aficionados so we won’t censor you unless it is libelous or in really bad taste.”
Anna Marsolo,
Keep it Rural, Anna for Mayor

some proof

From Anna MarsoloAdd contact
To editors@sonorantruth.orgAdd contact
Date Today 11:49 AM
Hey when time allows and you are bored check out the attachments which are only a few of hundreds of articles of recognition given to my efforts.    Not sure if you know who Laurie Roberts or Jana Bomersback are but highly respected, ethical reporters 🙂  thanks

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