Keep It Rural!

A Sonoran Truth Guest Editorial by Anna Marsolo, Candidate for Mayor, Town of Cave Creek, April 15, 2016

I oppose up zoning of residential desert rural lands.  When the up zoning axe falls, our desert and our neighborhoods suffer incontrovertible consequences.  The siren song of tax dollars is an extortionists argument.

I oppose special events without proper application and public hearing for a permit.  No more “let us take over your town and have a ball.”  I want to bring back the Special Events Ordinance.

I oppose selective enforcement of our ordinances..  If on the town books, they deserve enforcement equally. Striking a balance between property rights, individual liberty and protection of residential lands may not please you, but is necessary.

I will reduce our town budget by cutting expenses, cutting department staff as needed, cutting salaries as needed and investigating why we need a marshal and sheriff both when having a marshal seems adequate.  Maybe hire a code enforcement officer along with Adam and eliminate Sheriff presence.

I oppose the proposed current General Plan as it is not a proper community guide for our Town’s vision.   Our General Plan must value our “old west” heritage and support our quality of life that we enjoy today and can be enjoyed by future generations.

I want to ensure future commercial development is in line with our western character by forming a design review committee of citizens and business owners to adopt appropriate ordinances.

Our roads are not just thoroughfares for motor vehicles; they serve as public spaces where we walk, shop, meet…things that make our rural living so enjoyable.   Our medians and plants enhanced our safety, our lives and I will work to bring back what was taken.

I will work to investigate how to undo all the financial liabilities councils have created involving 4,000 ac of state trust lands. If de-annexing  the acres of Rogers and Apache Wash Areas are possible we should try for many reasons; no money to buy the land, no money to put in the infrastructure demanded by the State, adding another 3-5,000 residents to our west side town population goes against our traditional life style, low -density zoning, and low growth goals .   The unincorporated residential zoning on those lands mostly is a house per 5 acres.     I support trying to keep Willow Springs Area in the Development Agreement= approx. 770 acres.

I am opposed to any all weather bridges constructed on School House or Spur Cross Roads. Studies show they decrease habitat amount and quality, they prevent access to resources on the other side of the road, they subdivide wildlife populations into smaller and more vulnerable/fragmented size.   Our views of those Wash corridors will be diminished and more of our “soul” will be lost in Cave Creek.

Anna Marsolo, Cave Creek

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