How Sorchych Killed Cave Creek

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, March 17, 2015, courtesy of Ray Stark & the Desert Foothills Chronicle. CHRONICLE NEWSBULLETIN 9, March 17, 2015

Don’t shoot the messenger, but the Town is toast. The fat lady sung. Therein lies the irony: John Hoeppner, the “founder” of Cave Creek and his sidekick Sorchych killed Cave Creek.

Being psychopathic control freaks, Donny, Johnny, and their boy Usamy decided to control our destiny by buying up water companies. Think Chinatown. Since this is about power and control, the cost of buying the water companies is not relevant. So eight years ago, the unqualified Sorchych stooge of a Town Manager, Usama Abujbarah caused Cave Creek to become a public utility. Using flawed data and projections, he bought the Cave Creek Water Company for ~$20.1 Million dollars—a company that sold for $2.4 Million the year before. Usama’s conduct was so criminal and unethical that when he was terminated as Town Manager, he had the computer trail of his actions, erased.

Immediately after the purchase, the Town merged the Cave Creek Water Company into the Desert Hills Water Company to build a water treatment plant. In 2005 the lemmings of Cave Creek approved a $50 million dollar WIFA loan to fund water infrastructure improvements. By August of 2007, the WIFA loan was $65.9 million dollars. Costs for water and sewer mounted through 2008 while revenue for the town decreased. Cave Creek’s budget shortfall for 2009 was $5.7 Million dollars.

Which is why Cave Creek needed Wal Mart—to avoid bankruptcy. Cave Creek was bankrupt because Don and his sycophants are sociopathic power hungry despots who treat inquisitive Creekers with contempt.

As a result of Don’s despotism, Cave Creek now pays $4.8 Million dollars in debt service per annum and will do so for another decade. Because corrupt incompetence is a virtue to Sorchych and his sidekicks, an unqualified and inept town manager supervised a waste treatment plant that was, vastly over-sized, poorly engineered, poorly constructed, and defective upon start up. Creekers subsidize its operation to the tune of $1.2 million dollars every year because it is only running at 30% of capacity. In other words, Creekers pay $6 Million a year for debt service and sewer inefficiency—over one third of our $16.5 Million annual budget because of Sorchych and Usama. This is to say nothing of the stupidity of running water out into the desert at Rancho Manana.

Again in wry irony, Sorchych whines about our roads when its his sidekicks and their harebrained schemes that caused the problem. We’re broke. We don’t have the money to repair or replace roads. Revenues are expected to drop by over $1 Million but our debt service and sewer costs will remain the same.

This problem started with those who supported and encouraged taking on debt for Don’s despotism and now they are back in power. This same group will screw up again to cause the demise of Cave Creek. Sorchych stooges will borrow more money so that Cave Creek must instigate a substantial property tax to pay down its enormous debt, or go bankrupt and be annexed by Phoenix.

And that’s how Don Sorchych and his sidekicks killed Cave Creek which is why John Hoeppner has that lunatic smile. He drank the Kool Aid, just like all the others who believed the BS in the Sonoran News.

Reader’s comment:

“Thanks for reminding me. In my early days with CC, Mr. Hoeppner got a DUI with property damage. I had always wondered why that was dismissed.
Almost 20 yrs later, you shed more light.”
…That’s right, he’s a pilot. That was the reason why his DUI was amended, so he would not lose his pilot’s license. Because my ex husband was a pilot, it stuck in my mind.
More reader’s comments:
There is no end to what this criminal enterprise will do for one another.
Don’t we need to ask ourselves at some point if the Town voted them back in, let them get what they deserve and let it go? Obviously the majority don’t care about corruption.

“Today, LaMar admitted things were so dire in 2008, they were really concerned that Cave Creek would be gobbled up by Phoenix.”

Lots of folks see it coming but, as  you would guess, none are on the council. Since they don’t see it, it’s bound to happen. Let the gobbling begin.

A comment from our “our founder” Heil Hoeppner:

Mr. Fressadi:
I strongly suggest you immediately remove the untrue and defamatory comment regarding my name and “a DUI with property damage.”  In the 30+ years I have lived in Cave Creek (or anywhere else for that matter) I have never been stopped by law enforcement or anyone else for a DUI and/or property damage.   Additionally, it would be in your best interest to remove any reference about me from your websites / blogs as it is showing up on search engines and provable damages are accruing.
John Hoeppner
Cave Creek, AZ

Editors comment: John- Aren’t you the village idiot that appealed a traffic ticket??? That asked Cave Creek to invest $10,000 for Quiet Skies- to sue the FAA to relocate the flight path of airplanes into Phoenix??? Hello John. It’s OK John. Just go take your Prozac and spend more time in arts and crafts…Truth, is an absolute defense to defamation. 1997. Your DUI was amended to be a speeding ticket. John Paul Hoeppner. Look it up on The reader’s comment stands as an officer of the court. Additionally, we did a Google search on your name. This is what pops up:

Love that stupid smile on your face. As for Fressadi, I’m sure he’d be happy to amend his RICO complaint to join you as a defendant.

3.25.15. Mr. Hoeppner will not leave this alone. He emails Mr. Fressadi with a copy to us:

Mr. Fressadi:
Your intent is clearly to create damages by disrupting my contractual business agreements by publishing false statements.  Your claim of a 1997 DUI reduced to something else is absurd.  I have never been stopped or accused of a DUI – ever.  FYI – the traffic citations that I took to court and appealed were part of an initiative to make local speed traps unprofitable to the towns.  I had a local attorney handle this work for me – there is nothing here but minor speeding issues and the town’s abuse of the system to create revenue.  My attorney will testify to this if needed.
If you can provide proof of the truthfulness of your claim regarding the 1997 DUI, I will send you $100 and take you to lunch.  Other than that your claim is all hat and no cattle.  Remove or face the music. 
John Hoeppner
Cave Creek, AZ

 Fressadi responded and copied us as follows:


I’d be very interested in learning about your initiative and its effectiveness to make local speed traps unprofitable to the towns. Pima County is implementing a speed trap program down in Tucson because of the state wide budget cuts. In fact, I’d suggest we meet with Doug Ducey to address how to make Arizona more profitable, rather than use stupid tricks like pushing costs out to counties and then have counties and towns implement revenue programs like speed traps.

In my instance, the most damning aspect of doing business in Arizona, is the corruption of Town governance promulgated by a sociopath who runs “the town’s official newspaper.” If Town ordinances can be selectively enforced to cause injury to a person or a property per 13-2314.04, and the Town Manager admits to manipulating situations to harm persons perceived as “opponents,” and then shares this information with the S’Nooze that it can be published and destroy a person’s reputation, business, or value of his property, then the fine fiscal objective of making money as promoted by Governor Ducey is prostituted beyond recognition.

You champion Sorchych and Usama. That makes you an accomplice from my perspective as a private attorney general prosecuting a RICO claim.

Since you’ve offered to take me lunch and compensate me $100, may I suggest that you approach resolution of your perceived problem from another perspective. It’s your choice. Somewhere around exit 208 to 212. Denny’s or Subway. Nothing fancy. Just a conversation. Let’s see how we can pursue common interests. “Treat me good, and I’ll treat you better. Treat me bad, and I’ll treat you worse.” –Sonny Barger. As for hat and cattle, save that for Trenk and La Mar. [NB-Links added by SonoranTruth]

Our comment: The insight into your DUI comes from former Court Administrator, Yvonne Passey. Yvonne was surprised that a DUI with property damage was dropped to a speeding ticket. According to former Vice Mayor Grace Meeth, Yvonne’s integrity is beyond reproach. We can’t say the same for Usama, who treated Yvonne and Grace with misogynist prejudice in keeping with a distorted interpretation of his religious background. You are a Sorchych sycophant who supports “the Usama, the King of Corruption in Cave Creek.” Usama screwed with the Court and Yvonne, as did Sorchych. Usama’s “f*ck buddy” was disgraced MCSO “Captain Burden.” Seems Burden had to resign after he massaged a DUI ticket. Sounds familiar…

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

More truthful comments concerning Hoeppner’s email to Fressadi:

Don’t trust him farther than you can throw him, but I assume you already know that. Why are you even bothering to meet with him, by the way?  He will take everything you say back to Sorchych, where it will be twisted beyond recognition and printed.  Are you coming to Cave Creek or is he going to Tucson?  If you’re coming here, just remember that you were physically threatened by that group.  Be careful.

From a Cave Creek reader:

Shame on you for entering into a battle of wits with a defenseless person…AKA John Hoeppner. This guy is a laughable idiot in my opinion. $100 and lunch? To prove that he actually had an amended DUI? What a joke! If he was so sure, why not make it a real amount? $100? Barf…..Gag. He must not be so sure. The truth comes out, even if 20 years late.


Another reader writes…New York, Chicago, Detroit debt at 10,000, 17,000, 19000.

Now divide the debt of Cave Creek $65M by voting citizens (not children) by 3659 and you get $17,764 per voter. That sounds like CC is right in line with Detroit, Chicago and New York. Bankruptcy looms.

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