Buffalo Murders

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, July 16, 2014.

Sorchych recently lambasted Town Manager Jankowski for not giving the News Town business claiming the S’Norin News was better value than the Arizona Republic…completely overlooking the fact that the Republic is a real paper that follows tenants of objective journalism and not just smear campaigns.

It’s well known in Cave Creek that Don, through the poison pen of Bentley, writes articles in the News to vilify or disparage his enemies and puff pieces on his friends.

Recently, we’ve been wondering why Bentley went to such lengths to address the death of a 60+ year old man with a history of heart disease months ago  to follow up with 2 consecutive weeks of misreporting about a single dead buffalo when in reality two died. How is it that an old man dying of a heart attack and a buffalo dying get so much attention but the death of a young man by gunshot got no press in the same publication?

We are discussing the death of Andrew Libby, the young man found dead in Mayor Francia’s front yard and ruled a suicide by MCSO. http://www.sonorantruth.org/the-history-of-cave-creek/

TC is devastated at the loss of his buffaloes. A preponderance of evidence suggests that TC’s buffaloes were poisoned in the same fashion as Adam Trenk’s horse.


Adam also wondered about the coincidence of a near fatal mechanical mishap to his brand new truck and a cartoon in the Sonoran News depicting a suburban neighborhood as a Swastika. Adam is Jewish, just many of the conquistadors who came to Arizona during the Inquisition, creating the ‘strong and silent’ image of the cowboy… but we digress.

What we want to know is why would TC’s buffalo be poisoned shortly after the Sorchych Recall was thrown out because Hani Saba and Janet Mohr committed campaign fraud?

What we want to know is why would Bentley write about one dead buffalo blaming the death on the animal falling and breaking its neck, but not report anything on the death of the second animal unless… the S’News had something to do with it?

Those Buffalo were TC’s identity. TC’s buffaloes provided an opportunity for folks from all around the valley to come to Cave Creek and experience a show about an American icon. Both TC and Cave Creek have suffered a severe loss with the murder of those spectacular animals.

Why? Is it because Don is a sore loser and lost the recall? So it becomes a vendetta? A collateral attack? Obviously if you were successful at killing Adam’s horse with poison and it went undetected, then the same solution would work killing TC’s buffaloes.

Which leads us to the next troubling question. Why did the Sonoran News never write anything about the death of young man in Mayor Francia’s front yard? Why did MCSO never question Vince even though it was his rifle that killed the boy, and someone please tell us how a kid can shoot himself in the back of his head with a rifle with dead level trajectory? Troubling questions abound.

Obviously, if Don wanted to, he could have gone public with all this and ruined the political career of our “Iconic” Mayor. It’s not rocket science. In this instance, it seems like a form of silent blackmail- either Vince does Don’s bidding or he’s just another schmuck loser.

Isn’t it odd that Vince fashions himself as a Buddhist, yet he’s a bookie– hardly an occupation that can be classified as a Right Livelihood on the Eight Fold Path, a spiritual fraud who married Don and Shari Jo Sorchych. Thick as thieves.




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