The Recall – Déjà vu All Over Again

A Sonoran Truth Guest Editorial, by Councilman Reg Monachino, July 20, 2014

The folly of the recall was never more apparent than yesterday, June 18, when Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Robert Oberbillig ruled the petitions against Councilmen Durkin and Spitzer defective and declared the recall null and void. His decision came on the heels of a similar ruling by Superior Court Judge Douglas Gerlach voiding the petitions against Councilmen Monachino and Trenk. Two Courts, two decisions and the recall is over.

recall ruling

Yet it’s not over. One day after the June 2nd ruling, Susan Clancy formed a PAC to begin the recall all over again. As recently as Thursday, June 19th petition signatures were being solicited in a local restaurant.

Now you have to ask yourself, “Why would anyone, in the face of two judicial denials, continue this ill-conceived effort”? The answer is of course, Don Sorchych needs circulation. He and his coterie of sycophants will continue to publish a drumbeat of slander and venomous attacks against the character and background of selected councilmen in the hope that it sells newspapers. He is the only one in town who benefits from the recall – he instigated it. He called for a recall even before I was elected.

The divisive nature of this tactic is harmful to all the residents of Cave Creek and people are fed up with of it.

Instead I suggest: Let the Council do its’ work. If you think they have failed their task, then vote them out in a regularly scheduled election.   It’s how a democratic society works.

Editors Comment: It is our view that the first and second recalls were perversions- the recall statutes are to address wrong doings, not allow sore losers like Sorchych to hold another election. Susan Clancy knows and has admitted that there is no basis- NO BASIS for a recall. Yet stupid Susan is off to Don’s bidding. We had not considered Sorchych using the recall to “sell” newspapers, which would be another perversion, that Cave Creek actually likes the drama blown up by Sorchych; that his advertisers benefit because  folks will read the Sonoran News and see their ads. The only way to end this undesirable downward spiral of regressed human behavior is to boycott businesses who advertise in the Sonoran News. We would urge our elected officials to consider issuing a statement to this effect: Boycott Businesses that support Sorchych. Simple.

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