Herr Hoeppner and his Pom Poms

A Sonoran Truth Editorial,  June 12, 2014, updated June 13, 2014 (see Herr Hoeppner’s threat below). see http://www.sonorantruth.org/recall-process/

Hey Creekers- Check out how John Hoeppner has become the Head Cheerleader for the Sonoran News. We wonder if he likes to dress up in those pleated little skirts?

From:JPHoeppner@aol.com” <JPHoeppner@aol.com>
Date: June 12, 2014 at 4:29:55 PM MST
To: V Francia <vfrancia@turfparadise.net>, Adam Trenk <ATrenk@cavecreek.org>, Mike Durkin <MDurkin@cavecreek.org>, Reginald Monachino <RMonachino@cavecreek.org>, Charles Spitzer <CSpitzer@cavecreek.org>, Ernie Bunch <EBunch@cavecreek.org>, Thomas McGuire <TMcGuire@cavecreek.org>
Subject: Sonoran News: Public Notice Town of Cave Creek Order Calling Special Election
To Cave Creek Mayor & Council:
Based on a recent study of local news media, the Sonoran News is the #1 choice for news (58%) among Cave Creek voters.
Truth says: Bullsh*t John. What recent study? Did you go poll all Donny’s friends and only 58% thought that the S’News is their choice for news? Against who? US? the Chronicle? The Focus? The AZ Republic?
Arizona State law requires that notices (see recall election below) be published.  Although I have attended council meetings and have witnessed each of you speak as an advocate for hometown businesses, it is my understanding there is a “no-publish” policy in place for the Cave Creek based Sonoran News.  This policy appears to be non-transparent and hypocritical.
Certainly if the Council’s objective is to cover-up the anti-Sonoran News policy and to not inform the voters of the November recall, then it makes perfect sense to publish the recall notice in the Scottsdale Republic.
I understand why some of you do not like the Sonoran News and it is your right to have that opinion.  However, it is not your right to divert public information and use taxpayer funds to penalize any Cave Creek business.  As an elected representative it is your responsibility to act in the best interests of the citizens and to set aside your personal issues.
Thank you.
John Hoeppner
Cave Creek, AZ
So now Linda the Coyote Ugly Bentley will write this up that the current “Slate” is “using taxpayer funds to penalize a “Cave Creek business.” Friggin’ Nazis. This is pure propaganda for the recall.
Just like John Ford who admitted that there is NO BASIS for the recall, but hey- he doesn’t like Reg. And since Don is going to try and recall Reg, Ford is back in the ring taking pot shots at Reg.
Getting Don out of Cave Creek affairs is Good for Cave Creek. Period. We don’t need a poll or Hoeppner’s propaganda to tell us how Don screwed up this Town and causes nothing but animosity.
From:JPHoeppner@aol.com” <JPHoeppner@aol.com>
Date: June 12, 2014 at 10:39:12 PM MST
To: V Francia <vfrancia@turfparadise.net>, Adam Trenk <ATrenk@cavecreek.org>, Mike Durkin <MDurkin@cavecreek.org>, Reginald Monachino <RMonachino@cavecreek.org>, Charles Spitzer <CSpitzer@cavecreek.org>, Ernie Bunch <EBunch@cavecreek.org>, Thomas McGuire <TMcGuire@cavecreek.org>, Peter Jankowski <PJankowski@cavecreek.org>, Carrie Dyrek <cdyrek@cavecreek.org>
Subject: Sonoran News: Public Notice Town of Cave Creek Order Calling Special Election
To Cave Creek Mayor & Council:
I would like to thank a least one of the members of the Cave Creek Council for forwarding the e-mail below to the SonoranTruth.org Internet blog and contributing to their story “Herr Hoeppner and his pom poms” and referring to me as a “Friggin’ Nazi.”
Over the past several months I (and others) have been cataloging the SonoranTruth’s malicious, defamatory and libelous material and accruing the damages to me personally and to my business activity.  Because these defamatory words along with my name are displayed on Internet search engines such as Google, this damaging information is widely available to the public.  By forwarding my e-mail to the SonoranTruth you have essentially added both yourself and the Town of Cave Creek to the litigation.
Unfortunately for the person(s) forwarding my e-mail, electronic communication will part of the discovery and the “anonymous” operator of the SonoranTruth.org will be exposed by the subpoena process.
John Hoeppner
Cave Creek, AZ
Anonymous Editors’ comments: Dear John,
You are a public figure. You bandy about that you are the Father of Cave Creek and have been a gadfly of Cave Creek business since its alleged inception. Your comments are political in nature and as such, our criticism of you and your political opinion is protected by the First Amendment. You are a wimp, nothing more than a whining squirrel, a limp dick just like Don and your pervert pal, Steve LaMar. If you find our comments offensive, then do us all a favor and shut the f*ck up.

Further, your emails are a public record as soon as they are received by the council at the cavecreek.org email address and so sharing it with the public is not actionable, although we are not surprised he would threaten suing the Town, as that is a page right out of the playbook written for Usama since his termination. . . he has always like to keep the Town tied up in litigation- even when he was manager. . .. .
Yours in silver,
The Editors.
Bob Williams also chimed in:
From: Robert Williams <rbwcavecreek@gmail.com>
Date: June 13, 2014 at 6:56:28 AM MST
To:JPHoeppner@aol.com” <JPHoeppner@aol.com>
Cc: V Francia <vfrancia@turfparadise.net>, Adam Trenk <ATrenk@cavecreek.org>, Mike Durkin <MDurkin@cavecreek.org>, Reginald Monachino <RMonachino@cavecreek.org>, Charles Spitzer <CSpitzer@cavecreek.org>, Ernie Bunch <EBunch@cavecreek.org>, Thomas McGuire <TMcGuire@cavecreek.org>
Subject: Re: Sonoran News: Public Notice Town of Cave Creek Order Calling Special ElectionI agree with you, John.  I walk my dogs back through my neighborhood early each morning and watch the newspaper delivery.  There are 11 homes in my neighborhood and the results are:
2 of us subscribe to both the Republic and the WSJ.  3 others take only the WSJ.  1other takes only the Republic. Subscriptions suggest 45% read the WSJ and only 27% read the Republic – at least on paper.
Hard to tell on the Sonnews.  I think most read it because at neighborhood parties, most everyone talks about it – some like it, others don’t and most everyone critiques my offerings there.
Cave Creek “policy makers” need to grow up.
Bob Williams
Sent from my iPad
Sonoran Truth comments as follows:
Bob’s email is axiomatic and indicative of the stupidity of the Sorchych Sycophants.  First off Bob, your neighbors have a right to privacy to include their reading of publications. Whether your neighbors read the WSJ or the AZ Republic is completely irrelevant to your conclusion that “Cave Creek ‘policy makers’ need to grow up.” One of the major tenants of the Sorchych perversion of the recall process, is the lack of transparency. Here, the Truth is providing the public with an opportunity to read and review first hand, the insanity and lack of logic rampant in the senile sycophants who support Don’s dictatorship of Cave Creek. Saddam Don is just a fascist who surrounds himself with weaklings like you and Herr Hoeppner, and Steve with no cheese LaMar.


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