Donald Doth Protest Too Much

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, November 1, 2013.

When Sorchych dies, he should leave his brain to science so that experts can unravel how the crazed “conservative voice of Arizona” created illogical connections and believed them to be true, as if they were brought down the mountain by Moses. Donny’s View is the mother lode of loony logic. Quickly:

Usama v. Cave Creek. Usama has subpoena power but subpoena power cuts both ways. How many times did Usama talk to Don Sorchych over the last 14 years? Duh?

With no verbal bridge to connect disparate topics, Don jumps to Phil Haldiman’s article calling it “near libelous.” We find it hilarious that Donny Boy- the SOB who has defamed more folks in Cave Creek than anyone could ever imagine, is wanting to call an article in the Arizona Republic, “near libelous.” What a farce.

How do you smear a newspaper that’s full of dog poop?

As for Trenk. Sorry Donny—if Adam’s life or property are at risk, those are extraordinary circumstance and constitute legal justification for him to live anywhere he wants and for you not to know it.

Psycho Sorchych opines his own paranoia alleging Trenk is Haldiman’s benefactor? That Trenk’s associates “who publish rabid and libelous web pages” that a Swastika cartoon published in the Sonoran News was anti-Semitic. How stupid can Sorchych be? The Swastika is synonymous with Nazis and Nazis are synonymous with racism.

What a coincidence that Trenk would lose his truck axle the same week the Sonoran News publishes a Swastika cartoon claiming driving is dangerous. Canfield’s explanation is senile and stupid. Publishing Canfield’s cartoon was even more senile and stupid.

Don- look in the mirror. YOU ARE THE DARK SIDE. Francia’s want of democracy for Cave Creek doesn’t stand a chance so long as Sonoran News blatantly blathers hate. Haters hate—that is what you do. That’s what you are. We call that evil, FYI.

Trenk is not responsible for a $3 Million lawsuit from Usama—you are. Voters in Cave Creek elected four new council members to change the balance of power away from you and your sycophants. Simple. It’s not money, it’s principle. It’s ethics. It’s the Truth.

We don’t care whether someone is Republican or Democrat; whether Conservative or Progressive. We care about values. If a man is honorable, then we respect their views even if we disagree with their position. That’s how democracy works. Through respect.

Your “brand” of fanatical political perspective is of no benefit to Cave Creek or the Country. The contrast between the Sonoran News and the Desert Foothills Chronicle is night and day. Kudos to Sara, Scott and Shea with a little help from Lyn.

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