Smoking Dope

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, October 9, 2013.

Sorchych and LaMar appear to be cooking up some controlled substances to serve on the citizens of Cave Creek. Clearly LaMar is gunning to be a recall candidate, but before we’re all asked to drink Kool Aid, let’s contrast Steve’s diatribe  versus a voice of reason from Mike Durkin in the Foothills Chronicle. Mike is basically being constructive and moving forward. La Mar illogically argues “us versus them,” “outsiders,” “dark side,” etc.

Steve (and Sorchych) manifest the kind of paranoia of persons on drugs- all the dope that was prevalent in Cave Creek back in the 80’s when Steve claims he headed for the hills to escape Phoenix.  And where does LaMar spew his opinions? In the “conservative voice” of Arizona. Let’s see, the other idiot who claims to be a conservative voice is talk show host Rush Limbaugh who was arrested on drug charges. And who does the Sorchych sycophants want for a Town Manager? Usama Abujbarah. And what did Usama’s kid get busted for? Possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

See a pattern here? We do. We opt for the kind of conservatism exemplified by Barry Goldwater– not Limbaugh, not Sorchych, not LaMar and clearly not Abujbarah. Keep Cave Creek governance clean and drug free. Forget Sorchych & La Mar and their hype for recall- it’s a bad trip.


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