An ST Editorial, September 15, 2013.

All of Cave Creek figured Linda Bentley would report on Usama’s lawsuit in the S’Norin News, but September 3rd came and went with nothing but silence from Sorchych so it must have been bad news that didn’t fit Don’s propaganda.

So the Truth looked up the Minute Entry, m5929596.

Usama has until October 18, 2013 to explain to the Court how he was irreparably harmed when the Town Council terminated his “at will” employment contract.

Rodney claims that he can’t find a Town Manager with the threat of Usama coming back so Rodney needs more time even though he dissed concerned citizens, claiming his focus is all about moving forward. Our readers need to realize that Rodney was graduating from high school about the time Usama came to power under suspicious circumstances, not unlike Rodney’s employ. Addressing the past doesn’t do anything for Rodney’s career. This isn’t about providing service to Cave Creek, or upholding the Constitution… no, this is all about Rodney. If you have any doubt, he’ll be glad to tell you. His favorite topic of conversation is himself.

Of course, the Town Council will go into executive session to hear what Dickinson Wright argued to be submitted to Court on the 17th. Since it’s foolish to change horses in mid-stream, Dickinson Wright will continue representing the Town at great cost. Who gave Usama the go ahead to allow Esser back on the ballot? To build a water tank on property that did not belong to the Town? Rodney is now publishing the print out of checks to improve transparency but the real question is the town’s P&L and Balance Sheet and how the Town is addressing contingent liabilities.

Payments made since 7/13/2013 to the Arizona Risk Retention Pool:  $142,272.50.

Anybody want to guess what that was for?  How much of that Risk Retention Pool check was caused by Dickinson Wright? An audit would tell us, but that would be transparent, and the New Council has learned from the Old that keeping Creekers in the dark simplifies governance. And if the citizens get suspicious, then distract them with a “we’re the most western contest.” What a bunch of bull.

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