Extortion- Usama Style

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, September 1, 2013.

We wrote about the fallacy of Linda Bentley’s logic in her article for the Sonoran News here. The Desert Foothills Chronicle questioned how Usama could come back to work for a Council who fired him here. The Chronicle noted that since Usama did not accept his severance package, the Town is actually saving money. Good point.

In our view, Usama’s lawsuit is extortion. Usama’s lawsuit aligns with his management of Cave Creek. He cared only about himself and placated those who would keep him power.

John Vannucci wrote a letter to the editor of the Chronicle here raising issue about Cave Creek governance. First, Cave Creek is dysfunctional. It’s name derives from an incident of genocide. It was incorporated to stop Bob Kite from building a grocery store resulting in an eyesore in the middle of town for the last 27 years.

Then there is the divisiveness promulgated by Don Sorchych through the Sonoran News and the sycophants. For 18 years most of this community have been cowards. The only way to resolve the conflict in Cave Creek is to shun Sorchych and the Sonoran News. Town Council can start by cancelling the Sonoran News contract  as the official newspaper– a paper that thinks its funny to portray neighborhoods in the shape of Swastikas.

Next, like an alcoholic, Cave Creek has to admit it has a problem. Vannucci argues that recall will be bad for business but Scott Dahne has it right in his article on Usama–until Cave Creek resolves its past, it can’t move forward.

Cave Creek is a wild horse. Wild horses aren’t “branded.” Recall Francia, Bunch and McGuire to set the Town on a path of progress.

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