Jon Hoeppner – A “Sorchych Stupid” Sycophant

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, July 11, 2013.

Definition: “Sorchych Stupid,” (Best said with a Nazi German accent) or “SS.” Someone who will do Don’s bidding regardless of logic or reason. Note: Some SS were stupid BEFORE they started doing Don’s bidding.

Jon recently touted that he and two others are the Founders of Cave Creek—sort of like Jon is the Lord and Master of the Land, and all citizens of Cave Creek are his vassals. Anyhow, Donny Boy gave Jon guest editorial status to speak incoherently and blather on about Glassman and false advertising—characterizing the ethics and values for which four new council members aspire as simply “Branding.”

But we remember goofy Jon Hoeppner for his harebrained attempts to close the Scottsdale Airport. Harebrained Hoeppner made 998 out of 1,003 noise complaints noise complaints in an arrogant attempt to close the Scottsdale Airport a few years ago.  But don’t hold us to the exact numbers.

Hoeppner is a founder of Quiet Skies, a group that foolishly and unsuccessfully sued the FAA several years ago over rerouted flights. SS Jonny even suckered Cave Creek and Carefree into spending $25,000 to participate in this losing lawsuit.

Hoeppner obviously lives in Cave Creek…20 miles from the Scottsdale Airport! Apparently Jon would stand outside all day watching airplanes that he believed went to the Scottsdale Airport. This kind of behavior is the kind of thing mental patients do. It’s called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Another example of his extremism is taking a speeding ticket to the Arizona Court of Appeals. He must be impressed with himself to think he could get the Appellate court to buy his nutty argument. Here’s an article from the Az. Republic:

“John Hoeppner of Cave Creek was ticketed in March (2004) for going 59 in a 45 mile per hour zone on Cave Creek Road just north of the Carefree Highway. He had received another speeding ticket in almost the same place three years earlier. He hired a lawyer to fight the ticket three years ago and lost. He has taken the most recent case to the Court of Appeals, claiming he was driving at a safe speed on this stretch of road, which consists of four lanes separated by a median”

How do you think it turned out? Of course he lost…he’s an extremist who apparently has a need for control…like his idol Sorchych.

SS Hoeppner was also given space in the Sonoran News to pontificate that the Cave Creek Council should have kept the “gift” of land fraudulently transferred to the Town of Cave Creek by Dog Poop Don to screw with his neighbor Jerry Freeman. Don gave the Town Jerry’s driveway while they were in litigation!!!

In effect, Jon condoned this illegal act for which Sorchych and his attorney were sanctioned by the Superior Court. Sorchych and his attorney were ordered to pay Attorney fees to Freeman in this matter. Yet, SS Hoeppner apparently thinks this kind of fraud is OK and then had the gall to “brand” Freeman as a bully. Perhaps we should get the branding irons out, and starting branding the SS.

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