Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, July 5, 2013.

Jon Hoeppner, a Sorchych Sycophant, addressed the Town Council on July 1, 2013 to raise some easily refutable issues. See John at 55:32: Cave Creek’s Town Council meeting, July 1, 2012:

First Jon claims to be a Founding Father of Cave Creek. Cave Creek was created to stop Bob Kite from building a shopping center on the northwest corner of Schoolhouse and Cave Creek Rd. Bob would be a local businessman. Jon goes to great lengths to support the Sonoran News– that the Town should not boycott a local business but fails to mention that the origin of the Town is based upon boycotting Kite- a local businessman who wanted to build a grocery store in the center of town. Basically Jon’s history exposed the fallacy of his argument– it’s OK to boycott business that the Out to Lunch Bunch doesn’t like but it’s not OK to boycott the Sonoran News even though the Sonoran News is not in compliance with Federal law for publishing Town notices, i.e. the Town’s official newspaper.

Instead of having a practical grocery store in the middle of town creating tax revenue for the last twenty years, we have an ugly eyesore with only our post office. Thanks Jon.

Jon claims that the Town has always upheld it’s zoning ordinances. Tell that to the folks who had to fight Enchanted Canyon. Tell that to the folks whose property values plummeted when Cave Creek approved Wal Mart building a big box in a residential neighborhood.

Jon falsely claims that the Town is wasting money to pay for two town managers. Technically, the Town only has ONE town manager- Rodney Glassman.  The former Town Manager was relieved of all duties. He is only providing information on an as needed basis to smooth out the transition, a normal business practice.

Hoeppner also argues that a forensic audit could easily be accomplished in a couple of weeks by a couple of CPAs with a couple of cups of strong coffee. In contrast to Hoeppner’s comments, the Sonoran Truth received a letter to the editor containing a Notice of Claim against the Town for $75 Million in criminal fines that allegedly are accruing daily. These fines are due to the Town violating its zoning ordinance under the supervision of former Town Manager Usama Abujbarah. Apparently Cave Creek failed to comply with the US Constitution as required by state law in ARS 9-500.13 and ARS 9-500.12.

The Town required the creation of lots to approve lot splits without due process or nexus for the dedication. The extra lot converted the lot splits into unlawful subdivisions rendering the lots unsuitable for building and not entitled to building permits.

The Sonoran News accused the developer, Arek Fressadi of being a Wildcatter. But it appears that the Town caused the illegality creating an extraordinary exposure of liability.

Fressadi has accused the Town of criminal conduct; that the Town committed Class 1 Misdemeanors by issuing void permits to allow infrastructure and houses to be built on unlawful lots. Fressadi claims that the maximum penalties against the Town are about $800 Million but is willing to settle for $75 Million. See: 6-30-13 notice of claim w exh.

Based on Fressadi’s claim, Hoeppner’s argument that the Town is wasting money for two town managers is penny wise and pound foolish. The magnitude of Usama’s malfeasance in Fressadi’s Notice of Claim dwarfs all other budgetary and fiscal accountability issues of the Town. Clearly this matter merits more than just a couple of CPAs, a couple of weeks, and some strong coffee.


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