Usamagate: How Don Sorchych Lynches the Truth

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, June 29, 2013.

Just like Nixon claimed he wasn’t a crook, Don claims Usama isn’t a crook either. The fake smiling picture of Sorchych from thirty years ago posted an incoherent letter from Usama’s attorney addressing Usama’s alleged grievances for getting fired.

Senile Sorchych is beyond stupid. He is clueless when it comes to the law as his antics with Freeman will attest, but to rebut his delusions, the Truth will give Usama a little lesson in civics.

Usama— your contract is and was “at will.” You are not entitled to employment by the Town of Cave Creek. You are not a government bureaucrat who cannot be fired. You can be terminated for any reason and our form of governance is dependant upon this flexibility. Why? Because the citizens of Cave Creek elect the Council and you are appointed by the Council. That’s why you can’t put Dick Esser’s name on the ballot. It’s not a mistake—it’s illegal. Since management of the Town is relegated to a Town Manager, the Council must be able to replace a Town Manager “at will” in order for Council to insure that their leadership is being promulgated in Town Hall. Getting fired for telling Trenk that you would not work with him is not a violation of your First Amendment Rights.

There is no violation of Open Meeting Laws. Four citizens were recently elected in Cave Creek with a commitment to clean out the corruption and incompetence caused by your management over the last 15 years. You wasted tax payer money, you violated the law and selectively enforced it to serve your puppet master. You routinely did the “Usama Shuffle” saying one thing to a citizen and another at the choreographed Town Council meetings where the third part of your Troika, Fascist Francia would defer to your final comment and flip the tone of the issue on the agenda on its head.

In other words Usama, you couldn’t be trusted. Just like your son. Your attorney talks about good faith, but the Council acted in good faith. They gave you a chance, and you decided not to take it because you couldn’t. You cut your deal with the Devil Don Sorchych, and any sudden lapse into sentient life on your part would cause Don to rip your big butt into little pieces.

We look forward to reading your Notice of Claim for some comic relief.

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