Democracy versus Dictatorship

A Sonoran Truth Editorial. Town Council meeting June 3, 2013. See:

Tonight marked the beginning of change in Cave Creek. A number of people spoke on behalf of Usama saying they heard the rumors his job is on the chopping block, including Larry Wendt of the Buffalo Chip.  Carole Perry got up and threatened the new council with recalls, impediments, etc. if anything like that came about.  She got no applause. Clearly, “the King” lined up supporters (apparently through Carole- see below) to save his ass.  In contrast, Jerry Freeman received a good round of applause for congratulating the new council members. Former Vice Mayor Gil Lopez recited some of the changes since he took office in 1999, when Usama moved from Town Planner to Town Manager.  Gil concluded his comments with the question that’s still on many lips…how did the water company acquisition increase from $3 to $19 million?

When the call to the public was done, Francia Nominated Bunch as Vice Mayor.  The nomination failed on a 4-3 vote. Then Adam Trenk was nominated as Vice Mayor and received a unanimous vote.  That’s democracy.

Over the weekend the sycophants who support the corruption in Town Hall were sending out emails regarding Durkin’s and Trenk’s request that a vote of no-confidence in the Town Manager be part of tonight’s agenda. Fascist Francia failed to honor his word. At least he’s consistent. Carole Perry started the party (edited for brevity):

From: Carole Perry <>
Date: Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 5:23 PM
Subject: We can’t rest now…

Last Tuesday’s special council meeting has been, traditionally, a formality with 1 agenda item: The sitting council confirms the election results and those who are leaving the council are thanked for their service and it is a moment to celebrate everyone’s service and contribution. Most of us in the room were stunned when the winning challengers took to the podium at the “call to the public” to demand that next Monday’s (June 3) agenda be amended to include a “vote of no-confidence in the Town Manager (M.Durkin), “Agenda item A: Council discussion and possible action regarding the employment, compensation, benefits, promotion, demotion, dismissal, termination and/or resignation of the Town Manager.” (A.Trenk). The next meeting (Monday, June 3) is also traditionally a 1 item agenda meeting: the swearing in, welcoming and celebration of the new town council. It will likely be attended by many of the new council member supporters and while I’m told the proposed item regarding Usama’s employment will not be on the agenda, it seems very important that as many of us as possible show our faces and support for our Town Manager at this meeting.

Typical of fear mongering propaganda, James Bruce forwarded Carole’s message and added his own two cents which we edited as Bruce admits he can’t write worth a damn. What kind of idiot gets a Mike Tyson tattoo on the back of his neck when he’s almost senile? Our comments in brackets [].

From: james bruce <>
Date: June 2, 2013, 11:49:18 AM EDT
To: Sondra Johnson <>, Norman MANGOUNI <>,  Debby Brooks <>, debby payne <>,  Carole Perry <>, Thomas McGuire <>,  vincent francia <>, Ernie Bunch <>,, Steven LaMar <>,,  “John & Linda Budge” <>, linda budge <>
Subject: Fwd: We can’t rest now…

I am forwarding this message from Carole Perry as a wake up call to all of the neighbors. [including us] This group [group?], not only wants to get rid of the Town Manager (whether you like him or not) without every [sic] working with him, put a RV park in our back yard,  hired a private investigator to make record requests at Town Hall,  spent over $100,000 to get themselves elected,  backed Bob Moore’s Courier Pac (Mr. Scottsdale’s (Trenk) grandfather) and is causing many of the staff who have worked at Town Hall  for years to leave.  [Many of the staff and the Town Manager are looking at serious jail time– wake up and smell the coffee]. …join some other concerned citizens …in an attempt to find out what their “agenda” is!  [pretty simple really. You’ve run Cave Creek like a banana republic bestowing benefits on guys like Wendt and punishing others simply because you decided you didn’t like them– or they supported opposing candidates.] If you think their concern is to”preserve and protect”, [yes] “transparency” [yes] and “financial responsibility”, [yes] then I am afraid you may be in for some surprises down the road. [yes- you are in for some surprises].

Jim-Let me spell it out so a Moron can understand it. You and all the folks on this list are looking at contributory liability for the corruption in Cave Creek. Lawsuits, criminal prosecution, damage awards. Fines. You have not played by the rules and now you must be punished. It sucks to be you.



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