ESSER’s ETHICS: An EXAMPLE of Cave Creek Cronyism

A Sonoran Truth Editorial Opinion

March 25, 2013

With a stunning lack of ethical sense and judgment, Dick Esser called the Arizona Republic from Town Manager Usama Abujbarah’s office to claim that he was back in the council race.

Council persons employ the Town Manager. The Town Manager must stay out of town council politics. To engage or involve in the election process is a conflict. Anyone with common sense understands that it violates all boundaries of ethics to have the Town Manager favor or support any town council candidate.

So what back door deal did Usama and Esser concoct such that Esser felt compelled to call the Arizona Republic from Usama’s office? In this instance we have the appearance of the Town Manager and a council member stepping over the line, and delving deep into a run-off election where the Town Manager’s employment is at risk. Four votes is all it takes to oust the current Town Manager whose antics bankrupted the Town. What did Usama say to Esser that he would make this call from his office??? It’s also curious to note, the Esser and Usama elected to call the Arizona Republic and not the Sonoran News, the so called “official paper of Cave Creek” who routinely meddles in Town governance to our detriment.

Cronyism causes corruption, especially in small town politics. We the people of Cave Creek want a clean election with honest people representing our interests—not puppets for an obscure cabal who controls the council through back door deals.

Which is why the Sonoran Truth urges Cave Creek citizens to vote for the candidates that have committed to being pro-active and solving our current crisis openly with honesty and integrity. Ballots come out for the May 21st runoff about April 22nd.  

We urge citizens to vote for candidates who demonstrate impeccable judgment and good sense. Vote for Eileen Wright, Mike Durkin, Charlie Spitzer and Reg Monachino!

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