Keep It Rural!

A Sonoran Truth Guest Editorial by Anna Marsolo, Candidate for Mayor, Town of Cave Creek, April 15, 2016 I oppose up zoning of residential desert rural lands.  When the up zoning axe falls, our desert and our neighborhoods suffer incontrovertible consequences.  … Continue reading

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The Meritage Development Shuffle

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A Sonoran Truth Guest Editorial by John Vannucci, April 6, 2016 The proposed Meritage condominium development has managed to get the Town Council to ‘reconsider’ their March 21, 2016 no-vote on their request to upzone 12.2 acres behind the Lowes … Continue reading

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Kudos to the Desert Foothills Chronicle

Issue 6 3-24-16editorial Section final Issue7 – April 1, 2016 REVISED We wish we could show these editorials as the cartoons are hilarious. John Vannucci tells it like it is in the corrupt Town of Cave Creek manipulated by Don … Continue reading

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Clean Up Cave Creek

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, March 11, 2016. Cave Creek is a corrupt town. It’s management is dictated by Don Sorchcyh. Do what Don says and keep your job or your office. If you don’t, you will be villified in his … Continue reading

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When the Liars Leave on Retreat

Gracie says… Don’s pack of liars, also known as Cave Creek’s Town Council are having a “Special Council Retreat.” 01252016 Special Council Retreat Look at #8 sponsored by LaMar. Discussion and possible direction re; dealing with and correcting misinformation and misrepresentations … Continue reading

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The Fat Cat: Donny’s Boy for Mayor :(

NEWSLETTERS 2016 graphic NEWSLETTERS 2016 Issue 1

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Bentley Sorchych BS about the Bike Lanes

Editor’s Note:

Happy Belated Holidays. On return, we found an email from Anna Marsolo about the bike lanes. We left Don’s name as Sorechych because dealing with Don is like having Sore Cheeks.

We strongly suggest that the owner of Fat Tire stop spreading Sorechych inspired rumors that TC Thortenson started the Buffalo Chip fire and realize that Don ain’t your friend, and he’ll throw you and your business in front of the bus in order to keep his boyz running the hood. Wake up dude.

Here’s Anna’s email:

Hi folks, a neighbor asked me what the truth was as to how the bike lanes came into play and who voted for it.   She said Sorechych is blaming the previous town council which would be Trenk, Monachino, Spitzer, Durkin, Bunch, McGuire, and Francia.    Neighbor sent me Sorechych’s quote in today’s Sonoran News:

The previous council’s votes to accept MAG’s generosity to pay for a bike lane has backfired.”

The newspaper articles below give an accurate history of the birth of bike lanes in our historic core.   I was there.   Members of our town council in 2012 were Francia, Bunch, Anderson, Bruce, Esser, Lamar and McGuire.  Dick Esser, who served on the MAG small town committee, pushed the hardest for these funds and is the major proponent of the bike lanes.

In fact when that council voted , in 2012,  to amend the Town Core General Plan,  as the second article reveals,  their votes included putting in bike lanes.  With that vote, council also changed  Bella Vista Rd properties, the Lewis property and the Windmill property from residential to commercial.  At no time in 2012, -that I am aware of- did Sorechych write one word in opposition to amending the Plan or adding the bike lanes.


Thanks for reading this…its always good to have the full story and the TRUTH.    Anna

“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” ― Noël Coward


Cave Creek studies alternative transportation

While Bunch stated he likes the museum, library, chamber and Fiesta Days, he said, ‘I don’t support giving people’s money away’

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jason harringtonJason Harrington presented what he called a 15 percent concept plan, which would cost around $7 million, to add bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths through approximately 4.5 miles of Cave Creek. Photos by Linda Bentley

karen fannCAVE CREEK –
Jason Harrington of E Group Landscape Architecture did a presentation to council regarding a Cave Creek MAG (Maricopa Association of Governments) Bike Study.

The MAG Design Assistance Program provides communities the opportunity to develop community projects by assisting in the early planning and design stages.

The intent of the program is “to stimulate the integration of pedestrian and bicycle facilities into the planning and design of all types of infrastructure and development.”

According to the assessment report, “The town of Cave Creek identified a need to establish a bike lane along Cave Creek Road and provide a pedestrian circulation network in its town core area.”

The study was tasked to review existing conditions and conduct research to measure public opinion on issues related to cycling and the pedestrian environment as well as “identify barriers to cycling and improvements to encourage more cycling.”

Harrington presented three different types of roadway configurations, including a non-paved trail system, with the intention of promoting people from outside the community coming in and spending.

The preliminary study is for approximately 4.5 miles of roadway, which Harrington said would cost around $7 million.

He said funding sources are available in the way of grants and the project could be done in pieces, as some grants require matching funds.

He said the Obama administration was focusing on more “robust bicycling” and some grants will pay up to 90 percent of costs.

Harrington stated he was trying to solicit council’s support to move forward with the project by working with staff to identify funding sources and develop a game plan over the next five years.

During public comment, Johnny Ringo said he didn’t see how it would be safe to have bicycles and equestrian together.

Harrington said they would be separate trail systems, although he said use of unpaved trails are difficult to enforce.

Mike Rigney, as president of the Cave Creek Bicycle Association, said he finds it difficult to believe the town does not have bicycle lanes through the town and the segment is missing through Cave Creek and Carefree, which would otherwise go from Phoenix and Scottsdale all the way through to Tonto National Forest.

Councilman Steve LaMar called the project a leap forward and said he was retiring Aug. 1 and would be free to assist with writing grant applications.

Anderson said she wouldn’t want to see one “sport” favored over another and would like to see both the bicycle and equestrian trails through town completed at the same time.

Francia called it a timely and wonderful opportunity and noted ever since the 52nd Street trail was completed, horses, mountain bikers and hikers use it daily.

Town Accountant Marian Groeneveld said there was approximately $2 million in the budget, in the event the town receives grant funding.

The town voted 5-1, with Councilman Dick Esser absent and Vice Mayor Ernie Bunch dissenting to adopt the final budget.


Council approves amended town core plan and Bella Vista rezoning

He said the rezoning was an opportunity for property owners along Bella Vista to do something with their property …

CAVE CREEK – Mayor Vincent Francia began Monday’s council meeting with an announcement that Rep. David Schweikert would be a guest speaker at the May 21 council meeting.

Planning Director Ian Cordwell provided a brief overview of changes to the town core plan during the April 2 town council meeting and said the town core, which used to run from Scopa Trail on the east to Spur Cross Road on the west, has been extended to include a dog leg to the south that includes the Wagon Wheel Restaurant just south of Carriage Drive and east to Sunset Trail.

He said “no substantial changes” had been made to zoning except along Bella Vista Drive for lots originally designated Rural-70 that are non-conforming in size.

Cordwell said he didn’t think the change to commercial use would compete with the town core.

He noted the roundabout at School House and Cave Creek roads had been removed from the plan and bike lanes, trails and walking paths had been added.

For a parcel on the north side of Cave Creek Road across from the Bella Vista rezoning application, Cordwell said the planning commission felt high-density residential zoning was appropriate.

He also reminded council that high-density residential consists of up to eight units per acre.
Francia asked how many parking spaces there were in town.

Cordwell said he didn’t have that information.

Jim Bruce asked if there had been any neighborhood meetings for the David Lewis parcel.
Cordwell responded there were neighborhood meetings as part of the Bella Vista application.

When Vice Mayor Ernie Bunch questioned what was meant by public/private partnership, Cordwell responded bike lanes, for example, would be something that could be dedicated or funded by the private sector for public use.

Bunch asked if public art was “like the pots on [State Route] 51,” and said the word “sustainable” makes his skin crawl.

Councilman Thomas McGuire questioned why the statement “fluorescent colors not allowed” was taken out of the design guidelines.

Cordwell replied, “It means they would be allowed.”

During public comment, Bob Moore stated the document was very well done. However, he noted there was very little interest in the residential properties within the town core and although there was a section about alleviating conflicts, there was nothing addressing conflicts between residential and businesses.

“There are certainly continuing issues with parking and noise problems,” said Moore.
Greg Hunt said he bought his little place on Bella Vista 15 years ago and although he’s never had a collision, he said entering Cave Creek Road from Bella Vista is dangerous and in order to head south, he must first travel east and make a U-turn.

He said the rezoning was an opportunity for property owners along Bella Vista to do something with their property and possibly bring parking off of Cave Creek Road.

Councilman Dick Esser, who congratulated the planning commission and staff for their hard work on the plan, moved to approve the amended town core plan.

McGuire offered a second.

Councilwoman Shelley Anderson moved to amend the motion by striking the section on site design guidelines, which passed by a vote of 5-1 with Councilman Steve LaMar absent and Bruce dissenting.

McGuire offered several amendments, including adding language about “our Western culture” and “encourage equestrian uses,” which passed by votes of 5-1 with Bruce dissenting.

When McGuire offered an amendment to the removed section that formerly prohibited fluorescent colors to discourage them instead, it failed for a lack of a second.

Bunch requested an amendment to strike public/private partnership and say “infrastructure shall support commerce” as an alternative.

He said, that may be what we mean now by public/private partnerships, but councils down the road may decide to interpret it differently.

Francia said he shared Bunch’s concern and seconded the motion, which deadlocked 3-3 with Anderson joining Bunch and the mayor.

When it came to vote on the original motion, Bunch stated, “Because of the use of public/private partnership, I cannot support this.”

Francia mentioned the White Paper and stated, because it was never adopted by council, it should not have the clout of the town core plan, which is a document adopted by council.

Council voted 5-1, with Bunch dissenting, in favor of the amended town core plan, which included the Bella Vista Loop road between the Buffalo Chip and Harold’s.


Vote for Dick Esser

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dick esserI am running in this election because I feel the citizens of Cave Creek were cheated out of having me as a candidate in the last election.  Even though approved to be on the ballot by both the County Recorder and the Cave Creek Town Clerk, Reg Monichino (who I am running against) and his companions used legal trickery to remove me from the ballot.   Now, you and your fellow citizens will have the freedom to elect who you want with no more legal tricks keeping you from voting for the candidate of your choice.

Why you should vote for me

1.       I am well qualified.  I have served this town for fifteen years as a Planning Commissioner, Planning Commission Chairman, Town Councilman, Vice Mayor, Cave Creek MAG (Maricopa Association of Governments) representative and Co-chairman of the Small Communities Coalition which gave Cave Creek a major voice in MAG decisions.

2.       I have high personal integrity and strong commitments to others in public service and personal relationships.  I have a strong work ethic.  My wife Holly and I have lived in Cave Creek for 27 years and I have been involved in Cave Creek activities since I was a child.  My commitment to Cave Creek is and has been a lifelong obsession.

3.       I have always envisioned Cave Creek as a stand-alone community rather than a suburban extension of Phoenix and Scottsdale, a community characterized by strong individual rights, low density development, open spaces, limited government, and a western rural flavor.  I co-authored and spearheaded the MAG Framework Study that described a plan for multi-uses of roads and trails in our area and that was the impetus for major funding for the development of same.

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