Post Script on Sorchych Stupidity

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, July 17, 2014.

A reader brought to our attention that Sorchych Sychophant Janet Mohr’s logic at the podium to which John Vannucci took brilliant exception to in the Chronicle is all part of the hypocrisy of the Cave Creek misfits, a/k/a the Sorchych Sychophants, the SS.

It is incredulous to me how hypocritical Don Sorchych (editor of the Sonoran news) and Janet Mohr can be. Back in 2001 a group filed a petition to prevent the annexation of the county lands north of Echo Canyon and east on Fleming Springs. This action angered Don and Janet as they wanted the annexation to succeed. So Don and Janet challenged the petition organizers using the very SAME ARGUMENTS that [were] used by councilmen Trenk, Monachino, Spitzer and Durkin in 2014. i.e. 1)Invalid signatures and 2)notarized statement on petition back page was fraudulent. It appears that, for Sorchych and Mohr, what was good for the goose in 2001, is not good for gander in 2014.”

Mohr called the judicial rulings incorrect.  Go see the Wizard Janet and get a brain.

Thanks to our readers who wrote this and brought it to our attention who will remain anonymous to avoid incurring the wrath of a sociopath who publishes the Sonoran News.

Buffalo Murders

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, July 16, 2014.

Sorchych recently lambasted Town Manager Jankowski for not giving the News Town business claiming the S’Norin News was better value than the Arizona Republic…completely overlooking the fact that the Republic is a real paper that follows tenants of objective journalism and not just smear campaigns.

It’s well known in Cave Creek that Don, through the poison pen of Bentley, writes articles in the News to vilify or disparage his enemies and puff pieces on his friends.

Recently, we’ve been wondering why Bentley went to such lengths to address the death of a 60+ year old man with a history of heart disease months ago  to follow up with 2 consecutive weeks of misreporting about a single dead buffalo when in reality two died. How is it that an old man dying of a heart attack and a buffalo dying get so much attention but the death of a young man by gunshot got no press in the same publication?

We are discussing the death of Andrew Libby, the young man found dead in Mayor Francia’s front yard and ruled a suicide by MCSO.

TC is devastated at the loss of his buffaloes. A preponderance of evidence suggests that TC’s buffaloes were poisoned in the same fashion as Adam Trenk’s horse.

Adam also wondered about the coincidence of a near fatal mechanical mishap to his brand new truck and a cartoon in the Sonoran News depicting a suburban neighborhood as a Swastika. Adam is Jewish, just many of the conquistadors who came to Arizona during the Inquisition, creating the ‘strong and silent’ image of the cowboy… but we digress.

What we want to know is why would TC’s buffalo be poisoned shortly after the Sorchych Recall was thrown out because Hani Saba and Janet Mohr committed campaign fraud?

What we want to know is why would Bentley write about one dead buffalo blaming the death on the animal falling and breaking its neck, but not report anything on the death of the second animal unless… the S’News had something to do with it?

Those Buffalo were TC’s identity. TC’s buffaloes provided an opportunity for folks from all around the valley to come to Cave Creek and experience a show about an American icon. Both TC and Cave Creek have suffered a severe loss with the murder of those spectacular animals.

Why? Is it because Don is a sore loser and lost the recall? So it becomes a vendetta? A collateral attack? Obviously if you were successful at killing Adam’s horse with poison and it went undetected, then the same solution would work killing TC’s buffaloes.

Which leads us to the next troubling question. Why did the Sonoran News never write anything about the death of young man in Mayor Francia’s front yard? Why did MCSO never question Vince even though it was his rifle that killed the boy, and someone please tell us how a kid can shoot himself in the back of his head with a rifle with dead level trajectory? Troubling questions abound.

Obviously, if Don wanted to, he could have gone public with all this and ruined the political career of our “Iconic” Mayor. It’s not rocket science. In this instance, it seems like a form of silent blackmail- either Vince does Don’s bidding or he’s just another schmuck loser.

Isn’t it odd that Vince fashions himself as a Buddhist, yet he’s a bookie– hardly an occupation that can be classified as a Right Livelihood on the Eight Fold Path, a spiritual fraud who married Don and Shari Jo Sorchych. Thick as thieves.




Kudos to Jankowski and Why Don Doesn’t Get It

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, July 14, 2014.

What a great cartoon Don printed on July 9, 2014. We love it.


How many of us have wanted to do this?

Don publishes a Hate rag—it’s not a newspaper.

He’s an egotistical, opinionated, self serving sociopath who thinks he’s entitled to control Cave Creek politics. Hey Pete—we got your back. We don’t want Don having anything to do with Town management. Usama and Don with Francia’s complicity, ran Cave Creek like a sorority. Competence or law didn’t matter. It was all about who liked who. Just ask John Pom Pom Hoeppner, or light in the loafers La Mar. These guys just love each other.

As for corruption? Yes. Town Hall in Cave Creek is Tammany Hall. Pete—you’ve got your work cut out for you. You can’t trust anyone who worked for Usama, especially the Town’s attorneys. They’ll smile to your face and slit your throat. Maybe poison you… literally if they think they can get away with it.

So thanks for having the balls to stand up to Sorchych and keep digging the ditch ‘cuz the poop flows down hill, and it’s been backed up for a long time.

July 16, 2014, a reader replies:

I love it! I’ve been waiting for Sorchych to make an enemy of Jankowski because Jankowski is not knuckling under to him. Good for Pete…I really didn’t think he had it in him. I glad to see he does.

July 20, 2014, another reader replies:

Dear Editor,

As the saying goes, an enemy of my enemy is my friend. I think it’s great the our new town manager is squaring off with Sorchych, but Peter hasn’t done much to clean up the past corruption.

Arek Fressadi

Who Really Runs Cave Creek?

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, July 13, 2014.

Kudos to John Vannucci for telling it like it is in Chronicle.

NewsBulletin 17 7-11-14

The Sorchych Sycophants lost three times but they’re sore losers so they’re going to try another recall. That’s a perversion of the recall process. Elected candidates have to do something wrong to be recalled. Using the recall process for another bite at the apple is not Kosher, but then, what would Don or any his SS cronies know about Kosher?

The recall was to oust Reg, Adam, Mike, and Charlie- the four council members who did not feel comfortable having Usama Abujbarah as the Town Manager. Unfortunately, the Town is still represented by the same lawyers that supported Usama. Need proof? Attorney Jeff Murray is defending the Town, AMRRP, a bunch to Town employees AND HANI SABA in Fressadi’s RICO lawsuit that was removed to District Court.

7-10-14 CC employees

Why would an attorney that is representing the Town (technically the Town Council) represent Saba who knowingly violated recall petition procedure to oust Reg, Adam, Mike and Charlie?

Doesn’t the Town Council hire the town’s attorneys?

Fressadi’s beef with the Town is based on constitutionally protected rights to property and due process. It seems that Arizona Towns and cities were running over citizens rights, so the state legislature passed ARS 9-500.12 and ARS 9-500.13 to insure that municipalities complied with Federally mandated rights to property and procedure.

Fressadi claims that the Town did not comply with these statutes when it required easements and dedications of land to approve a lot split that converted his property into an unlawful subdivision which of course, was published in the Sonoran News.

Attorney Jeff Murray claims that the Town adopted a Zoning Ordinance in 2001 to address the statutory requirements of ARS 9-500.12. Ordinance 02000-07. Trouble is, it doesn’t exist. Exhibit B of the Zoning Ordinance lists all the amendments, deletions and revisions to the Town’s Ordinance since the Town’s inception in chronological order.  Ordinance 02000-07 was never adopted.

Cave Creek’s lawyer, Jeff Murray is doing the same thing that Hani Saba did- he falsified documents to justify his argument.  Who reviews what town attorneys submit to Court?

Fressadi argues that Cave Creek, along with Murray, Mariscal Weeks, Usama and all the rest of the Sorchych sycophants in Town Hall converted his property in excess of $100,000 via a fraudulent scheme. Conviction is a Class 2 felony with mandatory jail time, giving Jeff Murray plenty of incentive to fabricate evidence.

Which leads us back to: Who really runs Cave Creek?

We elect the Town Council. The Town Council appoints the Town Manager,  legal representation, and someone in there selected AMRRP to insure the Town against wrong doing. AMRRP hires Murray, who falsifies evidence and agrees to represent Hani Saba who committed election fraud to oust four members from Town Council to reinstate Usama for the Sorchych sycophants.

Aren’t attorneys who represent a Town supposed to be non-partisan? Why would Reg, Adam, Mike and Charlie or the new Town Manager allow Murray to represent the Town when he is representing Hani Saba?

Update July 16, 2014. According to Fressadi, Murray submitted a notice to court that his representation of Saba was an “inadvertent mistake,” and that the Town’s attorney is no longer representing the head of the recall.








Declaring our Independence from Unabashed Hatred, Hypocrisy, and Hysteria

A Sonoran Truth Editorial in concert with Vice Mayor Adam Trenk, July 4, 2014.

Last February Vice Mayor Adam Trenk wrote an editorial published by the Sonoran Truth titled “hatred hypocrisy and hysteria”. This weeks edition of the Sonoran “news” epitomizes that publication’s unabashed continuance of that behavior.

This week there was real news to report in Town. A road was barricaded by a private citizen as retaliation for the town’s recent termination of a permit they had been granted to run an auto repair shop in a residential neighborhood. Previous administrations approved the permit, but the operation of the shop proved a nuisance for dozens of neighbors. The Town also had a water supply emergency that was rapidly tended to by our outstanding new utilities director and diligent crew… Yet the Sonoran “news” ignored the actual news and dedicated its “news” and editorial pages yet again to half witted tirades.

Hatred is self explanatory. Sorchych ignores publishing real news to focus on personal attacks…

The hypocrisy is two fold:

First, Sorchych used his power as the newspaper publisher to prevent a wheelchair bound neighbor of Don’s from making needed improvements to their property. (

Yet this week he publishes a piece by Janet Mohr crying foul about a judges ruling that she knowingly committed petition fraud by signing a false affidavit based on the fact that one of the signors she attested to was disabled using some twisted self serving logic as though sympathy should have been the basis of giving her petition fraud a pass. Where was Sorchych’s sympathy for his neighbor who wanted to access her property with a ramp? Ask Liz Weideman.

Second, Dog Poop Don and his minions rant on about their failed recall efforts being thwarted.

They claim the recall should have been allowed to proceed despite two separate rulings from two different judges because the 300 or so signors had constitutional rights… Well what of the 900+ Creekers who voted for the serving counsel? Did they not deserve to have their votes stand? When Robert Papineau filed a lawsuit on behalf of Sorchych and Usama trying to keep me off the ballot, was that not an obstruction of the voice of those 70+ people who signed my candidates’ petitions?

How is it that stopping a recall based on a factual violation of law that was confirmed by a court of law on two occasions, is a violation of some constitutional right, but trying to block a legitimate candidate from being on the ballot or later crying that a recall predicated on falsified affidavits should be forced is not a violation of the voting rights of others? Hypocrites!

Regrettably, my colleague Tom McGuire echoes Sorchych’s hysterical outrage that I espoused the truth in my comments to the public published in the town newsletter…

Sorchych and the misled sycophants that cower to him cater to his business model of forcing the focal point of his vitriol into submission. In my instance, Don’s BS just makes my resolve stronger. I ran for office to serve the citizens of Cave Creek, not just the Sorchych sorority. Don and his girls disingenuously claim to be victims when they are perpetrators of dastardly deeds. Cave Creek is weary of Don’s perversion of truth which prompted the publication of this blog.

Happy 4th to all – declare your independence and freedom from the tyranny imposed on the Town by Sorchych.

A Bit of History

Reprinted from the Carefree Truth, Issue #329, June 20, 2014

Evelyn Johnson, the Executive Director of the Cave Creek Museum, spoke at Call to the Public.  She presented the Council with the Museum’s annual report, a rundown of restoration activities, and the events schedule for next season.  (You can view the events schedule below the videos and the photos of the stamp mill.)  Mrs. Johnson said the Museum, now closed for the summer, finished its 43rd season.  It will reopen in October for its 44th season.

The Museum proudly tells the history of the Cave Creek Mining District.  This includes what is now Carefree, Cave Creek, North Scottsdale, and parts of the area stretching south on Carefree Highway.  Mayor David Schwan replied, “Thank you and best wishes for the Museum as you set up this summer for the coming season.”

Enjoy these short videos that were done for the Museum by Herbert. They provide a nice overview of the attractions. The final one provides both still shots and a video of the stamp mill operating.

Cave Creek Museum Interior Exhibits

Cave Creek Museum Exterior Exhibits

Cave Creek Museum Golden Reef 10 Stamp Mill

Those listed in the video were the members of the “Dream Team” running it the day of the video.  The other members are Reg Monachino, Bob Flach, Al Zeman, Ron McGee, and John Hollas.

Photos and videos by Herbert Hitchon


The Recall – Déjà vu All Over Again

A Sonoran Truth Guest Editorial, by Councilman Reg Monachino, July 20, 2014

The folly of the recall was never more apparent than yesterday, June 18, when Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Robert Oberbillig ruled the petitions against Councilmen Durkin and Spitzer defective and declared the recall null and void. His decision came on the heels of a similar ruling by Superior Court Judge Douglas Gerlach voiding the petitions against Councilmen Monachino and Trenk. Two Courts, two decisions and the recall is over.

recall ruling

Yet it’s not over. One day after the June 2nd ruling, Susan Clancy formed a PAC to begin the recall all over again. As recently as Thursday, June 19th petition signatures were being solicited in a local restaurant.

Now you have to ask yourself, “Why would anyone, in the face of two judicial denials, continue this ill-conceived effort”? The answer is of course, Don Sorchych needs circulation. He and his coterie of sycophants will continue to publish a drumbeat of slander and venomous attacks against the character and background of selected councilmen in the hope that it sells newspapers. He is the only one in town who benefits from the recall – he instigated it. He called for a recall even before I was elected.

The divisive nature of this tactic is harmful to all the residents of Cave Creek and people are fed up with of it.

Instead I suggest: Let the Council do its’ work. If you think they have failed their task, then vote them out in a regularly scheduled election.   It’s how a democratic society works.

Editors Comment: It is our view that the first and second recalls were perversions- the recall statutes are to address wrong doings, not allow sore losers like Sorchych to hold another election. Susan Clancy knows and has admitted that there is no basis- NO BASIS for a recall. Yet stupid Susan is off to Don’s bidding. We had not considered Sorchych using the recall to “sell” newspapers, which would be another perversion, that Cave Creek actually likes the drama blown up by Sorchych; that his advertisers benefit because  folks will read the Sonoran News and see their ads. The only way to end this undesirable downward spiral of regressed human behavior is to boycott businesses who advertise in the Sonoran News. We would urge our elected officials to consider issuing a statement to this effect: Boycott Businesses that support Sorchych. Simple.


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