The Sorcheeks Slate

A Sonoran Truth Editorial, December 20, 2014 It’s official. The Sorchych sycophants now have their slate: Susan Clancy against Vice Mayor Adam Trenk;  Steve La Mar against Charlie Spitzer; Dick Esser against Reg Monachino and Mark Lipsky is collecting signatures … Continue reading

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The Self Serving and Secretive Machinations of Don Sorchych

A Sonoran Truth Editorial Opinion November 18, 2014  What motivated Sorchych to do a complete 180 degree stance on development after years of denigrating, demeaning, rabidly and viciously attacking any and every development in and around Cave Creek? Why is … Continue reading

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Truth = Clarity

We recently received the following email from Retired Police Captain Jensen:——– Original Message ——– Subject: Re: Sonoran News Online Edition for Oct. 29, 2014 Date: 2014-10-29 06:14 PM From: CW <> To: “ ” <> “I am thrilled to find … Continue reading

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Wild West Days

Thanks to Patty Pollnow for sending us pictures of 2013 Wild West Days fun!




.lee with flag Mutton sheep Wild West Days 2013 110 Wild West Days 2013 116

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Great Men Always Have Enemies

The miscreants and cowards who fill the Sonoran News editorial page just cant give up hating on Vice Mayor Adam Trenk. It seems that no matter what he does, Trenk keeps them hot and bothered. Understandable though it may be … Continue reading

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